Jan Bulis: It was important to begin the season with a victory

Jan, it was a decisive victory, but the team seems to look tired. Is it because of the fact that it is always difficult to start a season?

The pre-season was very hard; the training conditions resembled those of regular season. So yes, we are a bit tired. Nevertheless, we won today, and this is the most important thing. Now we have to keep up the winning pace.

Was it strange for you that the game’s first goal only came in the final moments of the second period?

This is the beginning of the season, and all teams are still far from their ideal performance. It is only a matter of time before they achieve their A-game. As for Traktor, we had to start with a victory, especially against an opponent like Metallurg.

What do you make of Metallurg’s current roster?

They’ve got a very strong roster this season. Plus, we’ve lost two pre-season matches to Metallurg, which proves my point and also means that we still have got work to do.