Salavat Yulaev vs. Traktor 1:4. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s headcoach:

We got off to a decent start and scored a short handed goal. Second period was not easy as we got too many penalty minutes, but Garnett was there for us. Then two more shorthanded goals that sealed the deal – and we are leaving Ufa in a good mood.

Vener Safin, Salavat Yulaev’s headcoach:

There is a saying in sports: "If you don’t beat up, you are beaten up". We should have score din the second period. In deed, today we got finished by Traktor’s counterat tacks. Plus you can’t allow three goals while having a power play and win the match. It musthave been a black day for our team.

Question to Belousov: Why wasn’t Antipov in the starting line-up?

Belousov: Apart from four lines of forwards, we’ve got two more of them. We have to lete very one play.

Question to Safin: Were the three goals allowed during the power play caused by fatigue, psychological issuesor something else?

Safin: It’s definitely not psychology. We played well for 40 minutes. Even when we allowed the second, we had the desire to tie the score. Apparently at this point emotions got the better of my players; the result of this could be seen on the scoreboard.

Question to Safin: Salavat’s forwards scored only one collective goal in last two games. What’s the reason behind this, in your opinion?

Safin: Garnett’s performance tonight was impeccable. However, I still have to criticize the forwards. They have to put the puck away because they are forwards; they are supposed to do it. And if they don’t, there’s something in their mind that has to be cleared away from there.

Question to Safin: Why has Grigorenko missed two matches in a row?

Safin: He’s off the starting line-up due to poor performance.

Question to Safin: It is now being rumored that Sergey Kostitsyn is going to appear in Salavat Yulaev. Isit true and are anyother NHL players going to join the team?

Safin: Well, apparently they are not.

Question to Safin: What happened to Rolinek? What type of injury?

Safin: We can’t tell for now how serious his injury is.

Courtesy of Salavat Yulaev’s press office