Lokomotiv vs. Traktor 2:1. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
I would like to congratulate Lokomotiv with a win. We played weak in the first two periods, but then picked up the pace. Of course since we were two goals behind, we had to attack feverishly to save the game; and that we did, but were unlucky.

Tom Rowe, Lokomotiv’s head coach:
Great first period for us – we controlled the pace of the game as well as the puck and managed to seize the lead. Second period was okay too; however, the third one was worse – we allowed a goal and lost some confidence. We have to learn how to play with a one-goal advantage. KHL has a fierce competition, and it is very important to hang on to the lead in order to garner victories, especially against very good teams like Traktor.

Question to Rowe: Your first line scores almost in every game. That’s great, but don’t you think Lokomotiv is strongly dependent upon Galimov, Anisimov and Plotnikov?

Rowe: Yes, they do score a lot and play great power hockey; however, it doesn’t mean that only these three can score goals in our team. We have a lot of talented players who will score as well, believe me.

Question to Belousov: How’s the atmosphere in Yaroslavl given that Lokomotiv is a completely new team?

Belousov: I like Yaroslavl a lot; it’s a great city with great fans who love hockey. As far as the team goes, this Lokomotiv has a huge upside.

Question to Rowe: Why were Petrov and Yakovlev absent from the line-up?

Rowe: Petrov has a minor injury; Yakovlev received a day-off that he so needed.