Нашли ошибку?

Dmitry Ryabykin: Sometimes I would shout at the young guys

- Traktor will benefit from the end of the lockout. We have not signed anybody except Kostitsyn while others will lose some of the leaders. As for KHL, of course it is a big loss for the league too.

Datsyuk played a scintillating match against Traktor…
Absolutely. He’s leaving soon, so he wanted himself to be remembered for good.

of words about Traktors current performance.
We are in slump right now. We have to get rid of the mistakes that affect our results.

Belousov has always insisted that he trust you. Does he still feel the same way?
I think he does, at least I feel that he is confident in me.

Do you feel the young guns snapping at your heels?
yet. Do I feel myself one of teams leaders? I dont know. At least Im trying to be one.

players often come up to you for a piece of advice, don’t they?
, that happens. I can shout at someone at times as well.

It’s somewhat difficult to imagine you shouting at someone…
It only seems that way. It’s a game, and everybody understands that shouting instructions is a part of the game. I don’t want to insult anybody; I just want to help make our play better, that’s all.

Being a veteran hockey player, how would you estimate team Russia’s performance at U-20 World Championships? There are a lot critics and naysayers of this team.
s always easy to criticize. I think that our boys did their best. You can’t always win; besides, it’s not interesting when you always win.

Do you notice that playing with calloused veterans like yourself, Yevgeny Kuznetsov who was in junior national team just a year ago has made tremendous progress?
He has, but still he has a lot of work to do.