Match of Legends. Team Makarov and Team Fetisov played to a tie

Team Makarov had a minor advantage in the first period. Six minutes into the game Mikhail Yurevich had a chance to open the score with a penalty shot, but was denied by Team Fetisov’s goaltender. Five seconds before the buzzer Yevgeny Kuznetsov made a pass to the far post, and Yevgeny Tsybuk opened the score.

Second period was more eventful in terms of goals. First Varitsky tied the game at one; then Rotenberg and Yurevich found the net, executing penalty shots brilliantly. 3:1 before the final intermission.

After the break Team Makarov scored for the fourth time, and then it was the time for Team Fetisov to mount a comeback; Kasatonov, Fetisov and Fedorov quickly made it a 4:4 game. Igor Matushkin could bring the victory for Team Makarov, but his penalty shot was stopped by Dmitry Yachanov. As
a result, the game ended in a draw. After the match both teams made a victory lap around the rink and took a photo op, all accompanied by the standing ovation from the crowd in attendance.

Stats and details

Team Makarov vs. Team Fetisov – 4:4 (1:0, 2:1, 1:3)

Goals: Tsybuk (Mosharov, Kuznetsov), 20 (1:0); Varitsky (Kasatonov, Yashin), 21 (1:1); Rotenberg, 22 (2:1 – penalty shot); Yurevich, 36 (3:1 – penalty shot); Matushkin (Krechin, Rotenberg), 53 (4:1); Kasatonov (Yashin), 56 (4:2); Fetisov, 57 (4:3 – penalty shot); Fedorov (Kasatonov, Yashin), 58 (4:4).

Team Makarov

Yemelyanov (Avdyukov);
Tsybuk – Khramtsov, Yurevich – Kuznetsov – Makarov,
Shvaryov – Glovatsky, Mosharov – Kudinov – Krechin,
S. Tertyshny – Matushkin, Gusmanov – Karpov – Chernikov,
Khrushchev – A. Tertyshny – Petrov, Rotenberg, Ryabkin.

Team Fetisov
Myshkin (Mikhaylovsky, Yachanov);
Kasatonov – Fetisov, Medvedev – Yashin – Varitsky,
Gusarov – Gimayev, Kovalenko – Fedorov – Kozhevnikov,
Frolov – Mironov, Lebedev – Anisin – Chizmin,
Lyapkin – Kanareykin, Shtepa – Shalimov – Torzhkov.

Referees: Nikolay Sidorov, Aleksandr Ivanyuk.
Linesmen: Sergey Shelyanin, Konstantin Gordenko.

January 12, 2013. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Attendance – 6000.