All-Star Game 2013. Kuznetsov with four goals, Quint with two, Garnett with a confident performance

First period
The first 20 minutes of the game saw the goals come in showers. Team West scored first at the hands of Kovalchuk and Korolyuk; Team East reciprocated in no time, hitting double as well; goalscorers were Kuznetsov and Zaborsky. It was not enough for Team East; Mamashevand Skorokhodov gave their team a two-goal lead. Kuznetsov was on fire later on; he skated away to a rendezvous with Koshechkin and tried to hit a backhander, but missed the goal. Shortly after Dmitry Kagarlitsky converted his one-on-one; Kuznetsov decided not to stop and scored his second. Team West picked up the momentum before the break, and despite several great saves by Garnett, Sergey Shirokov pulled one back, setting 6:3 as the final score of the period.

Second period
Goalfest continued in the second period. Kuznetsov completed the hat-trick, but unfortunately the hats never flew to the ice. Shortly thereafter Zherdev and Quint exchanged the goal-scoring efforts. Fifth West’s goal was scored by Radulov who hit a heavy slapshot that found the net. Before the goalies were changed Team East scored their ninth (Lehter
ӓ via penalty shot) and tenth (Morozov) goals. Team East really went at it, scoring three more before the intermission; Mamashev, Morozov and Quint all scored their second game’s goals. Team West responded with one goal that came at the hands of Kovalchuk. 13:6 before the final break.

Third period
The crowd in attendance enjoyed ten more goals in the third period. First off Mozyakin and Kuznetsov added two more pucks to Team East’s moneybox. The rest of the goalscorers are Korolyuk (twice), Kagarlitsky, Skorokhodov, Petruzalek,Varnakov, Shirokov and Kovalchuk. Even Konstantin Barulin who was arguably the greatest entertainer of the weekend scored his goal, but the referees ruled it out because Barulin crossed the red line which is forbidden for goaltenders to do. The final buzzer drowned in applause; 2013 All-Star Game ended on the highest note possible and brought the most prolific score in the history of the event.

Stats and details

Team East vs. Team West – 18:11 (6:3; 7:3; 5:5)

GoalsKovalchuk (Radulov), 5 (0:1); Korolyuk (Zherdev), 5 (0:2); Kuznetsov (Petruzalek), 8 (1:2); Zaborsky (Perezhogin, Nikulin), 8 (2:2); Mamashev (Perezhogin), 9 (3:2); Skorokhodov (Kagarlitsky, Lehterӓ) ,10 (4:2); Kagarlitsky (Lehterӓ), 14 (5:2); Kuznetsov, 17 (6:2); Shirokov (Zherdev), 18 (6:3); Kuznetsov (Nikulin), 22 (7:3), Zherdev (Shirokov), 22 (7:4); Quint (Lehterӓ), 25 (8:4); Radulov (Datsyuk), 26 (8:5); Lehterӓ, 29 (9:5 – penalty shot); Morozov (Mozyakin), 30 (10:5); Morozov (Nikulin), 34 (11:5); Mamashev (Zaborsky, Petruzalek), 38 (12:5); Kovalchuk (Radulov), 38 (12:6); Quint (Kagarlitsky, Lehterӓ), 40 (13:6); Mozyakin, 41 (14:6); Kuznetsov, 42 (15:6); Korolyuk (Shirokov), 43 (15:7); Kagarlitsky (Lehterӓ, Skorokhodov), 45 (16:7); Skorokhodov (Quint), 46 (17:7); Petruzalek (Perezhogin, Zaborsky), 50 (18:7); Varnakov (Stapleton, Plotnikov) 51 (18:8); Shirokov, 56 (18:9); Korolyuk (Varnakov, Shirokov), 57 (18:10); Kovalchuk, 60 (18:11).

Team West
Koshechkin (Stana 30:03 - 60:00);
Gorokhov – Kalinin, Kovalchuk – Datsyuk – Radulov,
Dallman – Kronwall, Zherdev – Korolyuk – Shirokov,
Nemec – Ryazantsev, Plotnikov – Stapleton – Varnakov.

Team East
Garnett (Barulin 30:03 - 60:00);
Nikulin – Medvedev, Mozyakin – Kuznetsov – Morozov,
Belov – Mamashev, Zaborsky – Perezhogin – Petruzalek,
Quint – Antipin, Skorokhodov – Lehter
ӓ – Kagarlitsky.

Shots: 51 (22+12+17) - 61 (16+15+30).
Faceoffs Won: 19 (5+8+6) - 31 (15+10+6).
Time on Ice: Quint (17:59), Kuznetsov (22:53), Garnett (29:57).

Referees: Vyacheslav Bulanov, Konstantin Olenin.
Linesmen: Konstantin Gordenko, Sergey Shelyanin.

January 13, 2013. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Attendance – 7500.