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Traktor finishes the away series still off the winning track

Due to Kostitsyn’s two-match DQ Traktor’s coaching staff had to make several changes in the lines. Thus, Nichushkin, Kuznetsov and Glinkin constituted the second line, Yakutsenya along with Chistov and Bulis – the first one. Nikolay Lemtyugov, Maksim Karpov and Andrey Popov made up the fourth line.

First period
First seven minutes of the game was not prolific in terms of scoring chances. The silence was broken by Niklas Danielsson; the Swede appeared on Garnett’s crease out of nowhere, but Michael did not flinch and neutralized this threat. Couple of minutes later though Lev pulled ahead; Cingel utilized a from-behind-the-net pass to convert it into 1:0. Visitors
responded with a shotless two-on-one. Lev went back to business right away; Christensen bothered Garnett with a shot that was turned away by Traktor’s goalie. Shortly after that Ryabykin slapped from the blue line; Nichushkin organized serious traffic on the crease, but Pöpperle still managed to turn the shot aside. The very next attack Lev solidified their lead when Vitaly Karamnov hit the net with a crease shot.

Second period
After the break both teams continued to play in the same somewhat cautious manner for some time. Then, five minutes into the period Tomas Rachunek hit the bar; then Panov had a great scoring chance, firing from a decent position; Pöpperle was flawless again. As both teams gained some momentum, the ever active Christensen charged a close range shot brilliantly saved by Garnett. Traktor then converted the power play into the long overdue goal-scoring effort; Bulis capitalized on a great pass by Yakutsenya. Fireworks continued in the very next shift; the puck somehow deflected from one of Lev player’s stick, went up and over Pöpperle and landed into the net. Traktor could even triple up the excitement; Pöpperle was the buzz killer as he saved his team from Popov’s backhand shot.

Third period
There was only one team that scored in the third period. Traktor’s demise came as a result of four goals by Vrána (twice), Danielsson and Cipulis. 6:2 the final score; Traktor comes back to Chelyabinsk from this away series with a disappointing 0 in W column.

Stats and details

Lev vs. Traktor – 6:2 (2:0, 0:2, 4:0)

Cingel (Řepík), 10 (1:0); Karamnov (Surový, Němec), 15 (2:0); Bulis (Chistov, Yakutsenya), 31 (2:1 – PP); Kuznetsov (Popov), 32 (2:2); Vrána (Klepiš, Rachunek), 42 (3:2); Danielsson (Cipulis, Oystrick),49 (4:2); Vrána (Klepiš, Rachunek), 52 (5:2); Cipulis (Danielsson), 60 (6:2).

Lev (Prague)
Němec – Nakladal, Danielsson – Christensen – Novotny (C),
Krejčík – Mikúš, Rachunek – Vrána – Klepiš,
Porseland – Oystrick, Surový – Karamnov – Hossa,
Hunkes, Řepík – Cingel – Cipulis.

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
BelovRazin, ChistovBulisYakutsenya,
Ryabykin (A) – Quint, NichushkinKuznetsovGlinkin,
ShininKatichev, Panov (A) – DuginAntipov (C),
Vasilchenko Nesterov, KarpovPopovLemtyugov.

Penalty Minutes: 6 (2+2+2) - 2 (0+0+2).
Shots: 37 (14+12+11) - 24 (4+11+9).
Faceoffs Won: 37 (12+12+13) - 20 (6+7+7).
Play Goals0-1.
Time on IceNakladal (23:01), Krejčík (21:12), Němec (20:58) - Kuznetsov (22:04), Ryabykin (20:40), Yakutsenya (20:22).

RefereesAleksey Anisimov, Konstantin Olenin (bothMoscow).
LinesmenDmitry Sivov, Sergey Shelyanin (bothMoscow).

January 11, 2013. Tipsport Arena, Prague, Czech Republic. Attendance – 4071.

Photo courtesy of Lev’s Press Office