Deron Quint: It was important to get a win and thank our fans

What are your biggest impressions from the last home game of the regular season?
Traktor Arena filled to capacity, my goal and the victory. We didn’t show our best game tonight, at times playing like we shouldn’t be playing in the playoffs. However, it was important to get a win tonight and show our appreciation to great Chelyabinsk fans. Now we need to fare well against Magnitka.

How did your goal come about?

Kuzya saw me skate in the zone and left the puck to me. I moved deeper in the zone, and no one attacked me; I only needed to hit the corner, and I did just that.

Do you think the last game against Metallurg is important in terms of who’s going to rank higher in the East? Or the playoffs opponent is not that important?
It’s really not that important. We want to win in every match, especially against our archrival Metallurg. It’s important that we show that we are ready to fight, whether it be home or away ice.