Нашли ошибку?

The program has been completed in Pajulahti. We keep on preparing for the season.

Did you cope with completing the planned program in Pajulahti?
Yes, we gave away the whole amount of training load. But the physical work was sensible, indeed, according to players' state, made breaks whenever it was necessary. There are no pretenses for anybody neither about the work nor about the intensity. We've got a great microclimate, if some questions arise, we discuss them with players.

Was the work's format qual to expectations with the division of 6 liners into 2 groups?
We made it that way so the intensity on trainings could be high enough. If we worked as one group, there would have been some certain inconveniences, especially on ice. This very format has come up to expectations.

There was a big youth team along with the main one in Traktor system in Finland.

It's a great motivation for them. Our club's upright is made for guys to make progress. The doors are open for the young to enter the main team. Everything is in their hands.

It seemed as though after 0:4 game with Lokomotiv you turned the screws (though the game had experimental effect)
No, we worked according our plan. We made an agreement towards the game with «Kunlun» right before the assemblage, that's why plans after games with «Lokomotiv» were a bit different. Although nothing happened - we saw how our players can cope with the pressure.

Pre-season assemblage is a time not only for the physical preparation, but for the understanding on ice to boot. After 10 days in Finland could you get who is who?
We could notice a few good things, but there are some questions though. We devoted more attention to individual actions and physical preparation in Pajulahti. Not much attention to tactics. We will start working on it in Chelaybinsk, when the trainings begin on Saturday. We will focus on practicing in our zone, middle zone and attacking one. As far as I'm concerned, we will see the mutual understanding and guys will be able to comprehend what we want from them.

How would you estimate each of three matches? Are there hints of team, game after the assemblage?
We played with Chinese in next to competition mode. The game left dubious impression - sometimes I saw that hockey style I want the team to play. Whereas there were times I didn't like the game at all. We've got smth to work at, something to go for.

Taking about the result, it's far from good, of course. The good thing is that guys could cope with working under pressure, no one stepped back, but played through thick and thin.

What's next?
We gave three days off after Finland. On Friday we are taking a part in two events: opening of the memorial dedicated to Valery Belousov and TraktorOpen festival for fans. Taking an advantage of the occasion, I invite you to come to our home arena, the festival starts at 6pm.

Since Saturday we have two times trainings, but we will be playing in 5 chains instead 6. Mornings ground is ice, evenings ice is ice, tactical activities, practicing playing in unequal quantities. On the first of August one training, on the second a day off, and finally on the third is training. On the fourth of August we are starting to hold a home Chelyabinsk area Governor's cup with the game against «Avtomobilist». And we are awaiting guests on the tribunes too. This support is vital.