Traktor vs. SKA. Press-conference after the match

SKA’s head coach Milos Riha:
This was our first away game in the season. Yesterday we discussed the strategy for the match; we know that Traktor plays quite well when they have the home field advantage, especially attack-wise. We began the match on a positive note, but then we amassed some unnecessary penalties. In the end of the match our opponents created many goal-scoring opportunities, but our goaltender was brilliant today. I’m very glad we won.

Traktor’s head coach Valery Belousov:

We gave SKA too much breathing room in the first period. You can’t allow three goals when you face an opponent like this. However, we had a distinct advantage in second and third periods, but didn’t capitalize. In general, we played a decent match; unfortunately, there are always mistakes in hockey. We gave our best to mount a comeback, but failed to.

Question to Valery Belousov: Why was Fokin substituted?
He suffered a groin injury.

Question to Valery Belousov: Why is Aleksandr Shihin absent from the starting line-up? Is he injured?
Yes, Shinin is recovering from an injury.

Question to Valery Belousov: Why did you shuffle almost all the attacking lines except the first one in the third period?
We tried all the options. When a team has any goal deficit, the coach has to try to get his team back in it, not just stand there doing nothing.

Question to Milos Riha: Milos, what do you make of Burdasov’s performance in today’s match?
He’s still not showing his potential to the fullest degree. Of course Anton is working hard, but I want to see more from him. I want Anton to play at the right wing, I want him to go the goalmouth more often and take more shots since he is capable of doing it.

Question to Milos Riha: Why did you choose Ezhov over Stepanek for today’s match?
Ezhov had a nice second half of the last game. Plus, in the beginning of the season we have to let both goalies play in order to determine who number one is and who number two is.

Question to Valery Belousov: Now that Fokin is injured, will you pull Aleksandr Danilishin to the roster?
We will decide later.

Question to Valery Belousov: Are you planning to include two more young players in the roster?
 Absolutely, as right now Nesterov is still on the injured list. We are also going to include a goalkeeper.