Traktor-Dynamo 4:1. Press-conference after the matchup

Oleg Znarok, Dynamo’s headcoach: I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Traktor collectively and Valery Belousov personally. It would be nice to break his record someday (laughs). Today everything went wrong for us, we amassed too many penalties. Three of four Traktor’s goals were power play goals; we are going to work on this aspect of the game more thoroughly. In the meantime I cannot say we didn’t have any goal-scoring opportunities; we should have taken advantage of them, that’s all. Probably then we could have had a chance to play a different game. 

Valery Belousov, Traktor’sheadcoach:

I am pleased with today’s match, both in terms of the performance and the result. We played well, at last scoring on the power play. I hope this keeps on going. Never the less, it is hockey – Traktor was better today, Dynamo may be better tomorrow, so it’s still too early to be overjoyed.

Question to Valery Belousov: Kostitsyn’ arrival was rumored.

Belousov: He has already arrived. 

Question to Valery Belousov: When is he going to appear on the ice?

Belousov: Most likely in the forthcoming away matches. 

Question to Oleg Znarok: What do you make of Anisin’s performance as of late?

Znarok: Sometimes he’s really good, sometimes he is not. Anisin wasn’t with the team during the pre-season training sessions, so he needs to improve his physical condition.

Question to Oleg Znarok: How about today’s match?

Znarok: You saw the way Anisin played in the playoffs. Weare expecting the same from histhisseason. 

Question to Oleg Znarok: Both last and this season Dynamo’s injured list contains at least two or three players. Is there any explanation for that? 

Znarok: Injuries, of course. What other explanation do you need?

Question to Oleg Znarok: Agedroster, forexample?

Znarok: No, I should disagree here. I would say my players are in the irprime.

Question to Valery Belousov: The only line that didn’t score up until now is the third one. Whatisit – justbadluck?

Belousov: They are trying hard, they are creating moments. Popov had a great goal-scoring chance tonight. I think goals will not be long in coming. 

Question to Valery Belousov: What do you make of today's performance by Garnett? He seemed a bit nervous during the last match. Did he manage to collect himself?

 Belousov: I will only say this – Garnett is Garnett.

Question to Valery Belousov: Is it still too early to predict which line Andrey Kostitsyn will be moved to? 

Belousov: I believe every family out there has TNV (official Tatar TV channel that usually broadcasts Ak Bars’ home matches – translator’s note). If you tunein, you will see everything.

Question to Valery Belousov: NHL has made an official announcement concerning the beginning of the lockout. Whom of the players would you like to see in Traktor? 

Belousov: Whom would we like to see...? Well, if only it was so simple… (smiling). 

Question to Valery Belousov: How about Voynov? 

Belousov: I can’t say for sure, but yes, we’ve already contacted Vyacheslav and invited him to join the team for now.

Question to Oleg Znarok: Same question to you, Mr. Znarok. Would you like Aleksandr Ovechkin to join Dynamo? 

Znarok: Is there anyone who wouldn’t? I would also like Leo Komarov to get back, but he has to play in farm club as stipulated by his two-sided contract.