Andrey Kostitsyn: I’ve been thinking about joining Traktor for only two days

Q; Andrey, did you arrive at Chelyabinsk from the U Sor Belarus?

A: After each season’s end I return to Belarus where I stay during the summer. This time wasn’t an exception, so I flew from Belarus.

Q: No jetlag, no acclimatizationissues?

A: Just a bit, due to the differences in time zones. As so on as I came to Chelyabinsk, I had to get up very early. That was very difficult forme. But for now I’m alright.

Q: Do you feel you are ready for the season?

A: I always prepare for the season with my brother Sergey. In the beginning of August we fly to the US for the pre-season training sessions (Sergey Kostitsyn is still a part of Nashville Predators’ roster – press office’s note).

Q: So two training sessions a day in Traktor isn’t such a busy schedule for you, is it?

A: No. Back in the US we also had two training sessions a day at times, so I had no difficulty adjusting.

Q: How did Traktor contact you?

A: They contacted my agent, and then he called me and said there was an option to continue my career in Chelyabinsk. I agreed, and now I’m here.

Q: Have you been following the current KHL season?

A: Not much since there are few Russian TV channel in the States. I didn’t even know where I would play. My agent called, and during two days we decided to go to Chelyabinsk.

Q: Are you acquainted with any of the Traktor players?

A: Yes, I know a couple of guys, some of them I even played with.

Q: Where are you staying?

A: I’m staying in a hotel for now, but I’m about to move to an apartment in a couple of days.

Q: Many fans and experts were shocked to know you appeared in Traktor, not in Dynamo Minsk.

A: Dynamo didn’t contact me. Of course it would be great to play for Dynamo Minsk, in front of the national team’s head coach. But things turned out differently, Traktor made a satisfying offer, and now I’m here.

Q: Do you have any thoughts concerning the lockout? Have you asked any other players’ opinion as to how long it is going to last?

A: You can’t predict things like these. Besides that, everyone has his own thinking – some think the lockout will last for one month, others think it will take two months or even more. As so on as NHL and the unions come to terms, the season will begin. Now it’s not that important for me since my agreement with Traktor expires at the end of the season.