Ak Bars – Traktor, 6-2. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

- It has been an evenly matched game for 40 minutes, but as soon as we allowed the third goal, the team imploded. We will take actions, of course.

Valery Belov, AkBars’ headcoach:

- I can’t reproach my team for anything they have done so far in this season. The only things that we probably needed to improve were power play and converting goal-scoring chances. I think today, as well as in the previous match up, we did just that. As far as the game goes, I have to agree with Valery Belousov – it was evenly matched. I would even say Traktor had the advantage in the second period. Good thing we didn’t allow any goals during this period of time. Then we managed to score two goals that pretty much sealed the deal.

Question to Valery Belov: Lukoyanov’s performance tonight was brilliant. Will he take his place along with Petrov and Tereshchekno?

Belov: Skachkov had a cold, that’s why we moved him from the second line, replacing him with Lukoyanov.

Question to Valery Belov: In two days your team faces Metallurg Magnitogorsk with Malkin, Gonchar and Kulemin already on the roster. Is there any special plan for the upcoming game?

Belov: We will base our game plan for Metallurg on their today’s performance against Salavat Yulaev which we will thoroughly analyze.