Neftekhimik-Traktor 1:3. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

- The match got off to a great start for us – we scored two early goals. Then we successfully hung on to this lead.

Vladimir Golubovich, Neftekhimik’s head coach:

- I would like to congratulate Traktor with a well-deserved victory. As far as our performance goes, we completely flunked the first period. We can’t blame a busy schedule with a lot of flights, otherwise where did we find all this strength for the second period? Unfortunately, first periods have become our biggest problem. We played a decent first period only in one match against Yugra. However, I must admit I liked how we tried to overcome the goal deficit in an effort to save the match. As for our opponents, they were quite motivated and showed a lot of discipline.

Question to Valery Belousov: Traktor allowed six goals against Ak Bars and only one today. How would you explain this?

Belousov: The goals we allowed in Kazan were largely illogical. Yesterday we analyzed the previous match, and you could see the result tonight. It’s always like this in hockey – those who make fewer mistakes usually come our victorious.

Question to Vladimir Golubovich: Are you satisfied with Yakupov’s performance? Why have you moved him to another line?

Golubovich: Yes, I am satisfied with Nail’s performance. He came here without practice, but managed to create two legitimate goal-scoring chances and fit our strategy for tonight’s match perfectly. As for your second question, I moved him to the first line because Subbotin and Vorobyov lack speed; as a result, with Yakupov the first line became more mobile.

Question to Vladimir Golubovich: Neftekhimik is to face Metallurg in two days. What would you do to try to stop Malkin?

Golubovich: Nothing special, we will play our game, that’s all.