Six goals and sixth consecutive win for Traktor

Traktor began the fourth consecutive game without any changes in the starting line-up.

First period
In the first 20 minutes of the match Traktor lived up to the reputation of having one of the best defenses in KHL. Metallurg created only a handful of goal-scoring chances during the period. Three minutes into the game the home team got the power play, but Traktor nullified the one-man deficit and shortly after that seized the lead – Kostitsyn executed a stellar pass through the whole rink, and Yakutsenya could not afford to miss the net in one-on-one situation. It won’t be an overstatement to say that Metallurg was not able to create anything until 17th minute when they got the chance to tie the game – Vyglazov ran for a breakaway, and Garnett had to stop him with a foul. Michael proved it was the right decision shortly after that when he turned aside the penalty shot. Closing moments of the period did not contain anything noteworthy, and both teams headed for a break.

Second period
Metallurg rushed forward right out of the box, but ended up allowing the goal. Kostitsyn once again demonstrated his scintillating wrist shot, hitting the upper corner of the net and doubling the score. Traktor had a chance to score on the power play, but didn’t seem to be enthusiastic about it. However, right after the penalty expired, Kostitsyn was the most nimble one on the goal crease, tipping the puck into the net. This goal completely toned the game down. Traktor played a classic dog in a manger during these moments – they did not attack themselves, all the while not allowing the opposition to threaten their goal. Towards the end of the period though, the game erupted again. First, Metlyuk was bound to score from the crease, but could not connect with the puck; then Glinkin and Popov cordially invited Metallurg’s defensemen to an amusement park with free tickets to the already infamous merry-go-round, but this time the goaltender took exception to it and did not let the puck in.

Third period
The period began with a modest-paced game that could not conceivably be a harbinger of things to come. For ten minutes both teams slowly drifted along towards the end of the game until Glinkin converted Karpov’s and Bulis’ efforts into his first 2012/2013 season goal. A minute later Traktor scored another one – Bulis passed the puck to Kuznetsov who got rid of a defenseman and sent the hockey apparatus to the far post where Chistov made the score obscenely devastating. But this was not the end. A minute before the buzzer Kuznetsov turned the puck away behind Klyuchnikov’s net, Chistov continued the combination, and Bulis finalized the whole caboodle. Thus, Garnett’s third season shutout and six brilliant goals helped Traktor get the win in six games in a row, gain 27 points and ascend to the top of KHL leaderboard for the second time in this season.

Stats and details

Metallurg (Novokuznetsk) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk)

Goals: Yakutsenya (Kostitsyn), 6 (0:1); Kostitsyn (Kontiola), 23 (0:2); Kostitsyn (Yakutsenya, Quint), 28 (0:3); Glinkin (Karpov, Bulis), 52 (0:4); Chistov (Kuznetsov, Bulis), 53 (0:5); Bulis (Kuznetsov, Chistov), 60 (0:6).

Penalty Shot: Vyglazov, 17 (denied by goaltender).

Metallurg (Novokuznetsk)

Metlyuk – Megalinsky, Kagarlitsky – Robitaille – Bumagin,
Romanov – Kuklev, Yefimov – Mereskin (C) – Lazarev,
Sopel – Arzamastsev, Vyglazov – Chernykh – Zhafyarov,
Grishin - Yatsenkov, Kurepanov – Turukin – Nazarov.

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)

Quint – Ryabykin (C), Chistov (A) – Bulis – Kuznetsov,
Belov – Vasilchenko, Yakutsenya – Kontiola – Kostitsyn,
Razin (A) – Katichev, Panov (A) – Antipov – Suglobov,
Nesterov – Shinin, Glinkin – Popov – Karpov.

Penalty Minutes: 8 (2+4+2) - 10 (6+2+2).
Shots: 39 (14+9+16) - 30 (8+12+10).
Faceoffs Won: 39 (17+11+11) - 31 (10+12+9).
Time on Ice: Robitaille (19:54), Bumagin (18:51), Kagarlitsky (18:17) - Ryabykin (19:02), Belov (17:43), Kuznetsov (17:15).
Power Play Goals: 0-0.

Referees: Vyacheslav Bulanov, Konstantin Olenin (both – Moscow).
Linesmen: Aleksandr Zakharenkov, Aleksandr Sadovnikov (both – Moscow).

October 4, 2012. Ice Arena of Novokuznetsk Steel Workers, Novokuznetsk, Russia.

Photo courtesy of Metallurg Novokuznetsk’s Press Office