Traktor vs. Lokomotiv 2:3 (SO). Press-conference after the match

Tom Rowe, Lokomotiv’s head coach:

We had a good first period. This was a second consecutive away match for us; we adjusted our game given this fact, the atmosphere at the arena and the capabilities of the opposing team. Everything went largely fine. I would also like to commend Semyon Varlamov for his terrific performance.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

I told my players that Loko plays a very dynamic game; it is a very good young, insolent team (in a good sense). This was exactly how it turned out to be. Once again we had to cut the goal deficit during our matches; it has been happening for heck knows how long. It is also a problem to play in three lines because when we have to switch to this mode, players are generally quite tired. As for penalty shootouts, I have picked the most experienced of players; unfortunately, penalty shootout is a lottery, and this time we did not hit our lucky number.

Question to Belousov: What do you make of today’s match in perspective of Kuznetsov’s absence?
It’s a pity Yevgeny did not appear on the ice tonight. Hopefully he will back to play in the next away series.

Question to Rowe: Andrey Konev, Traktor alumnus, is currently the part of your team’s roster. Why doesnt he appear on the ice?
Rowe:The competition is too heavy. These things happen.

Question to Rowe: Did Kartaev not make it to the starting line-up due to the exact same reason?
Kartaev performed very well in the previous match. However, we give everyone a possibility to play, especially the young players; that is why he did not take part in tonight’s match.

Question to Belousov: Due to Kuznetsov’s injury Antipov took his place in the first line. Why did you choose him over other possible substitutes?
We resorted to that very variant of the first line last season. Besides, we did not want to split the second line; this is why we chose Antipov.

Question to Belousov: Today young Vladimir Zhuldikov was Garnett’s substitute. This is already the sixth goalkeeper for Traktor in this season. What’s the reason behind this?

Belousov:Kuznetsov still falls under the category of young players, so since he was out, we had to include another young player on the roster.

Question to Belousov: Are there any risks involved?
Of course there are, we are talking about the rookies, not the wily veterans.

Question to Rowe: Semyon Varlamov is the best Loko’ player in second consecutive match. Does it amaze you?
Rowe:No, it does not. Varlamov is a tremendously talented goaltender.

Question to Rowe: What do you make of Guskov’s performance tonight? Also, when is Curtis Sanford going to appear?
Rowe:Guskov played a decent match; we count on him in the future. Sanford is going to appear in a week.

Question to Belousov: Is there any possibility of Kuznetsov appearing on the ice on Wednesday against Torpedo?
:No, none whatsoever.