Referee`s mistake in Traktor - Lokomotiv game

In 2012/2013 regular season in a match between Traktor and Lokomotiv a controversial episode took place on the first minute of the second period, the episode being the goal scored by the visiting team while having a one-man advantage.
After having thoroughly examined the moment, the KHL’s Department of Competition has stated that there indeed was a mistake made by the referees’ assigned to the contest who should have made a ‘too many players on ice’ penalty call and should have cancelled the goal.
As of October 16, referees Aleksey Anisimov and Sergey Belyayev are banned from refereeing KHL matches during the period of three games while linesmen Yevgeny Petrov and Ivan Fateyev have been stripped of their right to referee 2012/2013 KHL regular season and playoff games and have been relegated to referee Major Hockey League matches.