Traktor vs. Torpedo 6:3. Press-conference after the match

Kari Jalonen, Torpedo’s head coach:
First I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Valery Belousov. As for my team, I should say one good period is not enough to win the match. We played a perfect first period, but underachieved in the following two; the result of it could be seen on the scoreboard.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

Terrible first period as usual. It is only after the first 20 minutes that we begin to wake up. Nonetheless, I would like to thank my players for a great comeback. They did a good job tonight.

Question to Jalonen: Why was Semin absent from the line-up?
He caught a cold and was not medically cleared to play. Plus, he only joined the team today.

Question to Jalonen: When Garnett left the net to cut the pass and prevent the breakaway, Torpedo could score the third goal and quite possibly secure the win. Do you think it was the key moment of the match?
The duration of the match is 60 minutes, and to win, you have to be focused for the entire game.

Question to Jalonen: Last season Torpedo had one of the best results in the league in terms of allowed goals. This season your team is one of the worst in this respect. What’s reason behind this?
There’s no special reason, we just allow too many goals, that’s all.

Question to Belousov: Why does Traktor have to come back from a goal deficit so often? What is the reason?
Belousov:We are working on it. We have already had team meetings where we discussed it. It was the fifth first period in a row that we lost. Of course we’re doing our best to fix this problem.

Question to Belousov: Does Kuznetsov's early recovery and appearance in tonight's match have something to do with such abundance of goals?
I’m not sure, but I can tell you one thing – Yevgeny is the man, he appeared on the ice and helped us a great deal.

Question to Belousov: But two days ago you said it was impossible that Kuznetsov would appear today.
I played it safe because quite frankly, there really was no guarantee that Yevgeny would make it to tonight’s match. But Kuzya was chafing at the bit, so I thought I could not leave him off the game.

Question to Belousov: Garnett has played in sixteen consecutive games already. When is he going to get a break?
He’ll have to play 26 more.