Traktor defeats Spartak in a nail biter

First period
Once the game began, Traktor momentarily acquired a one-man advantage which, counterintuitively, led to a shorthanded goal by Spartak. Yunkov opened the score in a swift counter. Traktor got themselves together quickly and managed to respond with several attacks. Spartak had their chance at power play some time later; however, Garnett turned all the threats away. Next goal scoring chance for the visiting team came in the middle of the period when Panov threatened Borisov’s goal; Spartak’s goaltender was sharp on that exchange. Traktor looked better in terms of attacking movement; with that said, goal-scoring opportunities did not come Traktor’s way, and the score remained 1:0 as both teams headed for an intermission.

Second period
The beginning of the period was slow-paced. This trend continued for seven minutes until Karpov sprinted to Spartak’s net in a breakaway, but Zheldakov somehow was able to catch up with Maxim and thwart the shot. Spartak responded with an attack of their own – Kuzmin precipitated through the right wing and aimed at the top corner, but Garnett neutralized the threat. Halfway through the game Karpov once again had a breakaway, and again Spartak’s defenders prevented a finishing touch on the attack from happening just in the nick of time. Karpov did not score, but Popov did, finalizing the team effort that involved Quint and Glinkin. Thanks to his teammates’ picture-perfect passing, Andrey hit the already empty net. Shortly thereafter Suglobov could pull Traktor ahead, but to no avail. Spartak broke their silence with a stunning shot that hit the bar, and that was it for the period.

Third period

Spartak started the period with an avalanche of attacks, and the reward found their heroes quickly. Mikhaylov and Gubin made the goal buzzer go off twice in the span of one minute. Traktor was knocked down and stayed on the canvas for several minutes more, up until Spartak’s fourth goal scored by Gubin. Garnett was crushed, and Belousov decided to replace him for the debuting Mezin. Traktor seemed to have been demolished, but Spartak made one crucial mistake – they left the wounded white bear breathing. Kuznetsov pulled one back in a breakaway; Suglobov made it a 4:3 game five minutes before the final buzzer. When the clock was ticking the last minute of the game away, Traktor pulled the goalie and completed the miraculous comeback at the hands of Stanislav Chistov. With the score four apiece, the opponents headed into overtime.

Overtime and penalty shootouts
Glinkin could bring the victory for the visiting team, but did not hit the net. Spartak, in their turn, had a tremendous opportunity to avoid the lottery of penalty shots when they got the power play, but the score remained tied, and the lottery was inevitable. Unlike in the matchup against Lokomotiv, this time Traktor hit their lucky number with Kontiola and Glinkin securing a scintillating comeback victory. 5:4 – Traktor climbed to the second place in the overall league standings.

Stats and details

Spartak (Moscow) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk) – 4:5 SO (1:0, 0:1, 3:3, 0:0, 0:1)

Yunkov (Mikhaylov), 2 (1:0 – shorthanded);Popov (Quint, Glinkin), 33 (1:1); Bodrov (Shchitov, Mikhaylov), 43 (2:1); Gubin (Ruzicka, Petrov), 44 (3:1); Gubin (Petrov), 49 (4:1); Kuznetsov (Vasilchenko), 50 (4:2); Suglobov (Kontiola), 56 (4:3); Chistov (Antipov, Kontiola), 60 (4:4); Glinkin, 65 (4:5 – winning penalty shot).

Penalty shots: Kuznetsov (0:0 – goaltender), Zhukov (0:0 – missed), Kontiola (0:1), Khokhlachev (0:1 – goaltender), Glinkin (0:2).

Spartak (Moscow)
Bodrov (A) – Shchitov (A), Ruzicka – Gubin – Petrov,
Morrisonn – Zheldakov, Lewandowski – Yunkov – Radivojevic (C),
Shefer – Mamkin, Nikontsev – Zhukov – Khokhlachev,
Nakladal, Kuzmin – Bushuev – Mikhaylov.

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
Garnett (Mezin 48:12 – 65:00);
Quint – Ryabykin (A), Chistov – Kuznetsov – Zakiev,
Belov – Vasilchenko, Yakutsenya – Kontiola – Kostitsyn,
Nesterov – Shinin, Panov (A) – Antipov (C) – Suglobov,
Katichev, Glinkin – Popov – Karpov.

Penalty Minutes:2 (2+0+0+0) - 6 (2+0+2+2).
Shots:31 (10+6+11+4) - 25 (8+4+9+4).
Faceoffs Won:40 (13+12+12+3) - 25 (8+6+9+2).
Time on Ice:Bodrov (23:16), Shefer (22:12), Shchitov (21:18) - Kontiola (24:26), Belov (22:34), Nesterov (21:31).
Power Play Goals:0-0.

Referees:Denis Bondar (Magnitogorsk), Vladimir Nalivayko (Minsk, Belarus).
Linesmen:Dmitry Golyak, Ivan Dedyulya (both – Minsk, Belarus).

October 21, 2012. Sokolniki Arena, Moscow, Russia. Attendance – 3434.

Photo courtesy of Spartaks Press Office