Dinamo Riga vs. Traktor 3:5. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
Dinamo played a good match tonight. Quite frankly, we were somewhat surprised to see how impressive physical fitness-wise Dinamo looked tonight. Once again, third periods are our domain; this is the reason we are victorious.

Pekka Rautakallio, Dinamos head coach:

We helped Traktor get the win. Yesterday we played a decent match; we were focused tonight as well. We also had plenty of goal scoring-opportunities; unfortunately, we could not convert them, especially in the closing moments of the matchup when we needed it so much. We have everything to get the needed result, but something always just goes wrong. I don’t know what it is; something is clearly missing, and I don’t know what it is. I’m very disappointed.

Question to Belousov: When will Bulis get back on the ice? Are the rumors about possible trade of Kaygorodov to Traktor true?
Belousov:Nothing on Kaygorodov thus far; as for Bulis, he will be back right to the next home series.

Question to Belousov: Do you have any explanation as to why Traktor often demolishes their opponents in the third period?

Belousov:Physical fitness is the answer. Of course when your team is losing, something has to be done. This something is usually three-line mode.

Question to Belousov: Maybe you should begin the match with three lines?
Belousov:Begin with three lines? That’s a good piece of advice (laughs).

Question to Rautakallio: Do you have an idea concerning what’s exactly missing in your team?
Rautakallio:Of course I do – goals. This is our biggest problem at the moment; meanwhile, we make our opponents’ lives as easy as it can possibly be, just like tonight. We are in the game 90 percent of the time; what we do during the other ten percent is beyond me. Needless to say, opponents’ goaltenders are usually the biggest stars of matches against us.

Question to Rautakallio: Are you afraid of being fired?
Rautakallio:For what?

For unsatisfactory results.
Rautakallio:I don’t have the answer to that question.

Question to Rautakallio: Tonight you used the so-called ‘umbrella’ pattern during the power plays, and it seemed to have been working pretty well.
Rautakallio:Yes, you are right. This is one of the positives from tonight’s game; we performed very well in power play situations just like we needed to; the puck was moving very fast. Shorthanded play was also very efficient.

Question to Rautakallio: Maybe it’s about time you sent somebody to the farm club?
Rautakallio:You want us to help Metallurg Liepaja? No way. We need some help ourselves.