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Donbass vs. Traktor 3:2 (SO). Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
Great match, a very eventful one. Donbass was better in penalty shootouts, that is why they emerged victorious.

Július Šupler, Donbass’ head coach:
I am very glad we won tonight. It’s always hard to play two games in two days, but despite this, my players performed very well; they followed the game plan to the letter. Penalty shootouts is a lottery, today we drew our lucky number. I believe our fans are satisfied with the result as well.

Question to Belousov: What do you make of Donbass’ performance in general?
Donbass is a very young team, but with a lot of potential. They are somewhat inexperienced, but this is only a matter of time. They could become even stronger unless the lockout ends.

Question to Belousov: Was this match special because of the fact that the former Traktor’s own Yevgeny Dadonov is now in Donbass?
No, it wasn’t. He wanted to play in Donbass, that is why he left. We could not make an offer as lucrative as Donbass’.

Question to Belousov: Would you like to see him back in Traktor?
He’s Traktor’s own, so of course, why not.

Question to Šupler: What happened to Fedotenko?
His knee is hurt, but we don’t know how badly. Time will tell.

Question to
Šupler: When are Bārtulis and Kaspar going to be back in action?
Bārtulisis already making skating exercises, Kaspar is still out indefinitely. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in Kaspar’s condition. MRI showed he still had to be out of action. Bārtulisis likely to be back to his usual shape after the season break.

Photo courtesy of KHL