Traktor with a bitter loss against Vityaz

First period
Traktor could call the first period ‘a period of lost chances’. Five minutes into the game Chistov organized a breakaway for Bulis, but the Czech could not put this one away. Then Yakutsenya and Kostitsyn had a two-on-one, but the shot missed the goal. Visitors responded with a sharp counterattack finished with Timkin’s goal-attempting effort from the goal crease which Garnett turned away. Traktor followed up with Bulis outsmarting each of three opposing players that included Kasutin, and missing the already empty net. Chelyabinsk faithful breathed a collective sigh of dismay, only to erupt with joy when Bulis deflected Ryabykin’s shot right into the net and scored his 8th season goal. Later in the period Fahey should have tied the game, but he missed the net. Traktor had another power play couple of minutes before the break, but the goal margin remained at one as both teams headed for an intermission.

Second period

Nikita Dvurechenskiy could cut the goal deficit early in the second, but Garnett was the winner of that exchange, as well as the next one against Khafizullin. Around middle-period Sayustov hit the post; shortly after Traktor doubled their lead when Kuznetsov converted a breakaway into a goal-scoring effort and 2:0 on the scoreboard. Five minutes later the home team scored again and seemingly sealed the deal, Kostitsyn being the goal scorer. To visitors’ credit, they were not intent on giving up – Fahey with a blue line shot and Hennessy with a picture-perfect penalty shot brought Vityaz back to life.

Third period

Vityaz was quick to tie the game early in the period when Timkin hit the net with a stiff shot from the half-zone. 3:3 – back to square one. Traktor looked better attack-wise; soon enough Popov had a rendezvous with Kasutin who managed to outsmart Traktor’s forward. Halfway through the period the ever active Kuznetsov once again had a breakaway, but Kasutin emerged victorious on that exchange as well. The game was rolling into overtime when Yakutsenya found himself alone couple of meters away from the goal. Maksim took a shot, but Kasutin stopped it with the most splendid of pad saves, guaranteeing his team at least one point in tonight’s game.

Overtime and penalty shootouts
Traktor looked better in the overtime which, however, did not bring any positive result to the home team. Eventually it was Vityaz who prevailed in the penalty shootouts. 3:4 – Traktor comes away with a second consecutive loss.

Stats and details

Traktor (Chelyabinsk) vs. Vityaz (Chekhov) – 3:4 SO (1:0, 2:2, 0:1, 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: Bulis (Kuznetsov, Ryabykin), 10 (1:0 – power play); Kuznetsov, 30 (2:0); Kostitsyn (Antipov), 36 (3:0 – power play); Fahey (Korolyov), 38 (3:1 – power play); Hennessy, 39 (3:2 – penalty shot); Timkin (Hennessy, Troshchinskiy), 43 (3:3); Panarin, 65 (3:4 – game-winning penalty shot).

Penalty Shots: Chernov (0:0 – wide), Kostitsyn (0:0 – wide), Panarin (0:1), Kuznetsov (0:1 – saved by goaltender), Timkin (0:2).

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
Quint – Razin, Chistov (A) – Bulis – Kuznetsov,
Shinin – Vasilchenko, Yakutsenya – Kontiola – Kostitsyn,
Katichev – Ryabykin (A), Sayustov – Antipov (C),
Nesterov, Glinkin – Popov – Karpov.

Vityaz (Chekhov)
Troshchinskiy (C) – Khafizullin, Panarin – Hennessy – Timkin,
Golovkov – Danny Markov (A), Belousov – Chernov – Korolyov,
Kudinov – Fahey, Kulyomin – Badyukov (A) – Dvurechenskiy,
Malevich – Busygin, Sergeyev – Cullen – Gillies.

Penalty Minutes: 6 (0+4+2+0) - 10 (4+2+4+0).
Shots: 34 (11+11+9+3) - 21 (4+11+6+0).
Faceoffs Won: 28 (9+11+5+3) - 30 (9+10+10+1).
Time on Ice: Kuznetsov (28:43), Chistov (26:09), Razin (22:02) - Khafizullin (22:50), Hennessy (22:02), Timkin (21:08).
Power Play Goals: 2-1.

Referees: Viktor Gashilov (Perm), Vladimir Nalivayko (Minsk, Belarus).
Linesmen: Aleksey Kolosov, Aleksandr Otmakhov (both – Yekaterinburg).

October 29, 2012. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk