Traktor vs. Vityaz 3:4 (SO). Press-conference after the match

Yury Leonov, Vityaz’s head coach:
I am satisfied with the final score, though I am not satisfied with the way we played the first 30 minutes of the game. After that Kasutin left us in the game with a handful of saves, and we were able to regroup. However, it was difficult, because Traktor plays a very swift, very skillful hockey with a lot of passes. I would like to thank my players for their effort to tie the game. When it was time for the hockey lottery, we drew our lucky number.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

It’s been three years that we could not win against Vityaz. With the score 3:0, we thought the game was ours and paid the price for our overconfidence. I warned my players that Vityaz was a different team than it used to be, they are very resilient and play until the end; this was exactly what happened. As for penalty shootouts, I don’t even know whom to pick anymore.

Question to both coaches: What helped Vityaz tie the game?
We were able to rebound during the game and score two goals in one-minute span. Then we found our opening early in the third and got lucky in penalty shootouts.

I believe we were so sure that we would be victorious with the score 3:0 that it backfired. Every goal we allowed tonight was due to our own mistakes. That is why we came up short.