Traktor vs. Dinamo Minsk 2:0. Press-conference after the match

Aleksandr Andrievsky, Dinamo Minsk’s head coach:
I think the fans liked tonight’s match. Both teams had a lot of scoring chances. We wanted to make up for our devastating loss from Metallurg Magnitogorsk. We played way better than in the previous matchup; unfortunately, to win means to score, and tonight we failed to do it. But we have to move on and prepare for the next match.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

I have to give credit where credits are due – Dinamo played a great match tonight. My players were a bit upset after a bitter defeat at the hands of Vityaz and wanted to win as much as ever. And as you saw, we did just that. Once again though, hats off to our opponents for a great game they had tonight.

Question to Belousov: What’s the status of the injured players?
Panov, Zakiev, Belov and Suglobov are still not medically cleared to play.

Question to Belousov: When to expect Dugin on the roster?
Sooner than later.

Question to Belousov: Did Mezin’s performance boost Traktor’s confidence?
Definitely. When a goaltender is confident, skaters feel it and begin to play in a more relaxed manner. Mezin performed stunningly tonight, great match by Andrey.