How is the accommodation process going so far?

It’s good, I know all the guys except Andrei Kostitsyn and Andrei Mezin, but that’s just the matter of time for us to get to know each other better. I’m feeling great and ready to go!

Did you miss Chelyabinsk? Was there anything that you missed the most back in Belarus?

I missed Chelyabinsk very much. I was away for three months and I’m very happy to be back now because all of my friends and people close to me are here, including my parents. But I don’t think that I badly missed anything back there, we had everything we needed back in Zhlobino.

Were there anything that impressed you the most in Belarus?

I didn’t know there are so many old and beautiful cities in Belarus, I was really surprised by that. I should’ve studied better at school (laughs). But in general, I have tons positive emotions about Belarus.