Traktor vs. Severstal 3:1. Press-conference after the match

Andrey Nazarov, Severstal’s head coach:
Good evening. First off I would like to congratulate Traktor with a well-deserved win tonight. As far as my team goes, we have a lot to think about, too many penalties. We played a decent match though, considering it was our fourth consecutive away game. Still, a lot of our players are on the injured list, hopefully they’ll recover during the forthcoming two-week break.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

A great match by my players, even though a nervous one towards the end. One thing to complain about – not enough forwards, but we have to work with what we have.

Question to Nazarov: Would you say that Mezin outplayed Koshechkin tonight?
No, I wouldn’t. Both played extremely well.

Question to Nazarov: It was under your stewardship that Kuznetsov was given more playing time in Traktor. How did you like his performance tonight?
He’s the leader of Traktor.
Belousov: If only he could score more (smiles).

Question to Belousov: Six of Traktor’s players will represent their respective national teams in the forthcoming tournaments and exhibition matches. Is
it good or bad?
Belousov: Actually, it’s both. They will be back on November, 12 and will have almost no time to recuperate. We wanted them to have a good rest, but of course we can nothing about it – they perform well, that’s why they get called to represent their national teams.

Question to Belousov: How was Dugin tonight?
He did well tonight, strictly followed the game plan. We’ll see how he’s going to evolve as a player.

Question to Nazarov: When you arrive to Chelyabinsk, do you have any nostalgic feelings?
Of course I do. I grew up here, and Chelyabinsk is in my heart. But that’s a part of the job. We are professionals, and we try our best wherever we get to live and work.

Question to Nazarov: Compare Ryazantsev’s performance in Traktor and in Severstal.
Ryazantsev has more playing time in Severstal, that’s all I can say about it.