Traktor with a firm victory over Barys

First period
First period was Traktor’s time in this matchup. Visitors established their dominance towards the middle of the period after withstanding several sharp Barys’ attacks. Both teams had a chance to score the game’s first goal in the power play, and both failed to; but once the penalty boxes emptied, Traktor pulled ahead. Popov won the draw, and the puck was picked up by Karpov whose shot found the net. Two minutes later Kostitsyn doubled Traktor’s lead with a solo effort; Andrey took a slapshot that missed the goal, then skated in the zone, picked up the puck that recoiled from the board and put it away, making it a two-nothing game. Late in the first it was the time to shine for Traktor’s third line; unfortunately for Traktor’s fans, a merry-go-round for Barys’ defense did not lead to a goal-scoring effort.

Second period

The game’s second period turned out to be a true goal fest. The goal-riddled period began with Upper’s goal-scoring effort that seemingly brought Barys back into the game. Traktor was not upset for long though – Glinkin utilized Bulis’ pass to perfection and reestablished the two-goal margin. Soon enough it augmented to three as Traktor caught Barys off guard right during the shift, and Yakutsenya scored his tenth season goal. The gunfight continued two minutes later when Talgat Zhailauov outplayed Traktor’s defensemen with a couple of veteran moves and made it 2:4 for Barys. But that was not all – Traktor’s ever active third line constructed a picture-perfect combination that ended with Panov’s goal-scoring effort. If you thought it was the last bullet, you’d have to reconsider – Brandon Bochenski emptied the goal clip, setting the final score of the period – 3:5.

Third period
After the hurricane-like second period both teams decided to keep their cool for a while. Any goal-scoring opportunity was thwarted by the goaltenders for the better part of the period, including Poluektov’s save of Chistov’s shot. However, in a match filled with so many goals no period could end goalless – Yegor Dugin miraculously was able to put the puck away while falling on the ice, thus opening his goal sheet in 2012/2013 season. 6:3, the final score; Traktor came away with a third consecutive win and kept the Eastern conference lead.

Stats and details

Barys (Astana) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk) – 3:6 (0:2, 3:3, 0:1)

Karpov (Popov), 12 (0:1); Kostitsyn (Quint, Razin), 14 (0:2); Upper (Litvinenko, Rudenko), 27 (1:2); Glinkin (Bulis), 28 (1:3); Yakutsenya (Kontiola, Panov), 30 (1:4); Zhailauov (Litvinenko, Pushkaryov), 33 (2:4); Panov (Dugin, Antipov), 35 (2:5); Bochenski (Boyd, Antropov), 36 (3:5); Dugin, 54 (3:6).

Barys (Astana)
Yeremeyev (Poluektov 34:22 – 60:00);
McDonagh – Grigoriev, Aleksandrov – Antropov – Bochenski,
Hedman – Hutchinson, Rudenko – Upper – Starchenko,
Litvinenko – Savchenko, Zhailauov – Polishchuk – Pushkaryov,
Belyakov, Dawes – Solarev – Boyd.

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)

Quint – Razin, Chistov – Bulis – Kuznetsov,
Shinin – Vasilchenko, Yakutsenya – Kontiola – Kostitsyn,
Katichev – Ryabykin (A), Panov (A) – Dugin – Antipov (C) ,
Glinkin – Popov – Karpov.

Penalty Minutes: 40 (4+34+2) - 6 (2+0+4).
Shots: 27 (13+5+9) - 32 (10+14+8).
Faceoffs Won: 34 (13+12+9) - 29 (11+9+9).
Time on Ice: McDonagh (21:33), Litvinenko (21:21), Grigoriev (21:05) - Quint (22:37), Razin (22:23), Ryabykin (20:05).
Power Play Goals: 0-0.

Referees: Aleksey Ravodin (Moscow), Ildar Safiullov (Nizhekamsk).
Linesmen: Viktor Pavlov (Novosibrisk), Konstantin Chubykin (Moscow).

November 14, 2012. Kazakhstan Sports Palace, Astana, Kazakhstan. Attendance – 3077.

Photo courtesy of Barys’ Press Office