Traktor overcame Avangard in penalty shootouts

First period
The first period of the game was largely dominated by the home team, even though the first goal-scoring chance came around some five minutes into the period; it was Sergey Kostitsyn who tested Mezin with a one-timer; Andrey was there for his team. Shortly thereafter Kuznetsov responded with a heavy shot, but Rämö turned it away. Around the middle of the period the puck somehow appeared on Traktor’s goal crease where Zaborsky was ready to open the score, but instead he went to the penalty box along with Yakutsenya; both men were rewarded with two minutes for slashing and roughing respectively. That was the time when Avangard opened the score – Pujacs helped the puck find the net after Kuparinen’s solo effort. Traktor was not ready to go to a break with a goal deficit; three minute before the buzzer Jan Bulis grabbed the puck after his first shot that had been blocked and tied the score, allowing his team to be in high spirits heading into the intermission.

Second period
The period began with a four-on-four play, but that was not for long; Traktor was soon left shorthanded, even three on five for several dozens of seconds, but Avangard could not come up with anything substantial during their power play. Traktor then did not return the favor and constructed a couple of decent attacks ended with shots by Karpov and Katichev that did not find the goal. Nevertheless, visitors were soon rewarded for their efforts – Antipov outplayed two defensemen and Karri Rämö and scored a masterpiece of a goal. Vladimir got hit in the heat of the moment, and that gave Traktor the opportunity at power play. Traktor came up empty during the power play; later on Avangard tied the score – Sergey Kostitsyn made a blind pass to the crease where Semin left Mezin no chance and tied the game at two. Elated with success, Avangard rushed forward for a goal but allowed one instead – Panov hit a scintillating shot that found the corner of Rämö’s net. That goal gave Traktor the lead and psychological advantage heading into the third period.

Third period
Avangard jumped right off of the bat to try to tie the game, but due to Mezin’s heroic efforts the score was kept intact for a while. However, even Mezin could not help Traktor when Semin was the first on the rebound and tied the game again. Closing minutes of the match saw the pace slow down as both teams were seemingly ready to settle their differences in the overtime. The only moment that stood out was Glinkin’s shot 20 seconds before the buzzer that was turned aside by Rämö.

Overtime and penalty shootouts

Anton Glinkin had a similar goal-scoring opportunity in the overtime, but once again it was the goaltender, not the forward, that prevailed. Mezin also saved Traktor on several exchanges, including a potential game-winning shot by Perezhogin. As far as penalty shootout goes, Panov and Kuznetsov executed their shots well and gave Traktor the fourth straight win.

Stats and details

Avangard (Omsk) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk) – 3:4 SO (1:1, 1:2, 1:0, 0:0, 0:1)

Goals: Pujacs (Kuparinen, Kalinin), 10 (1:0); Bulis (Kuznetsov) 18 (1:1 – PP); Antipov (Dugin), 28 (1:2); Semin (Sergey Kostitsyn), 32 (2:2); Panov (Dugin, Antipov), 38 (2:3); Semin (Pivtsakin), 52 (3:3 – PP); Kuznetsov, 65 (3:4 – game-winning penalty shot).

Avangard (Omsk)
Nikitin – Pivtsakin, Zaborsky – Popov – Perezhogin,
Pujacs – Lyamin, Sergey Kostitsyn – Semin – Frolov (C),
Valentenko – Kalashnikov, Pervushin – Taratukhin – Nesterov,
Ivanov – Kuparinen – Kalinin,

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
Quint – Razin, Chistov (A) – Bulis – Kuznetsov,
Shinin – Vasilchenko, Yakutsenya – Kontiola – Andrey Kostitsyn,
Katichev – Ryabykin (A), Panov (A) – Dugin – Antipov (C),
Glinkin – Popov – Karpov

Penalty Minutes: 8 (6+2+0+0) - 10 (6+2+2+0).
Shots: 36 (9+10+13+4) - 24 (10+8+3+3).
Faceoffs Won: 37 (12+13+11+1) - 27 (9+11+4+3).
Time on Ice: Nikitin (29:01), Pivtsakin (27:31), Pujacs (23:53) - Shinin (23:28), Vasilchenko (21:53), Quint (21:12).
Power Play Goals: 1-1.

Referees: Konstantin Olenin (Moscow), Jyri Ronn (Finland).
Linesmen: Stanislav Raming (Yekaterinburg), Sergey Misyur (Nizhny Tagil).

November 16, 2012. Omsk Arena, Omsk, Russia. Attendance – 9300.

Photo courtesy of Avangard’s Press Office