Traktor came up short in overtime against Yugra

First period
First goal-scoring opportunity of the match came at the hands of the home team; Sergey Demagin sprinted into the attacking zone, but could not quite hit the puck after his partner’s pass. Nothing substantial happened during the next several minutes except when Traktor got the power play which was also ineffective in terms of goal-scoring chances. Shortly after Traktor began to gain momentum; Panov and Dugin had great opportunities to open the score, but Biryukov was solid on both exchanges. Five minutes before the break it was home team’s turn to have one-man advantage, and if it was not for Garnett who turned two of Skorokhodov’s shots aside, the score would have surely been opened.

Second period

Traktor could pull ahead right away when Yakutsenya hit a great shot after Kontiola’s pass, but Biryukov was sharp as a tack. After that Yugra got another power play and delivered a barrage of shots; Garnett was tremendous during these moments, keeping the score at nil. A bit later on both teams delivered a mini-extravaganza, exchanging a series of one-on-ones that finished with a goal that was long overdue; Stanislav Bocharov utilized Bulyansky’s pass to perfection, finally opening the score in this tightly contested match. Three minutes later things got even gloomier for Traktor when Michael Garnett had to leave the ice due to a strain. Mezin had to replace Michael; and did he ever step up to the plate! Andrey saved Traktor three times during shorthanded play, giving his team a chance to stay in the game.

Third period
Traktor was better throughout the period and deservedly tied the game. First Kostitsyn failed to score in one-on-one exchange; then Mezin turned aside a handful of heavy shots. Traktor was rewarded for the effort three minutes before the final buzzer – Katichev tied the match with a shot from the blue line.


Game-winning goal for Yugra was scored by Marek Troncinksy. 1:2, the final score; Traktor’s four-match winning streak came to a screeching halt as the team heads to Chelyabinsk for the next home series.

Stats and details

Yugra (Khanty-Mansiysk) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk) – 2:1 OT (0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 1:0)

Goals: Bocharov (Bulyansky), 26 (1:0); Katichev (Ryabykin), 57 (1:1); Troncinsky (Magogin), 62 (2:1).

Biryukov (Galaysha 55:21 – 56:15);
Grebeshkov – Starosta, But – Fedorov (C) – Kuzmin,
Pepelyaev – Troncinsky, Sitnikov – Magogin – Skorokhodov,
Lekomstev – Ibragimov, Demagin - Altarev – Videll,
Dyakov, Bocharov – Krysanov – Bulyansky,

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
Garnett (Mezin 28:32 – 61:29);
Quint – Razin, Chistov – Bulis – Kuznetsov,
Shinin – Vasilchenko, Yakutsenya – Kontiola – Kostitsyn,
Katichev – Ryabykin (A), Panov (A) - Dugin – Antipov (C),
Glinkin – Popov – Karpov.

Penalty Minutes: 4 (2+0+0+2) - 8 (2+4+0+2).
Shots: 34 (7+12+14+1) - 35 (9+13+12+1).
Faceoffs Won: 40 (17+7+15+1) - 32 (9+13+9+1).
Time on Ice: Pepelyaev (22:48), Troncinsky (22:41), Starosta (22:24) - Ryabykin (21:00), Vasilchenko (20:53), Shinin (20:30).
Power Play Goals: 0-0.

Referees: Sergey Karabanov, Aleksandr Cherenkov (both – Moscow).
Linesmen: Tornike Kuchava, Nikita Novikov (both – Moscow).

November 18, 2012. Yugra Arena, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. Attendance – 4800.

Photo courtesy of Yugra’s Press Office