Traktor vs. Barys 0:3. Press-conference after the match

Vladimir Krikunov, Barys’ head coach:
We got a bit lucky when we received a chance to have an eight-minute power play. We scored twice and then hung on to the lead. We desperately needed to gain points as for now we’re not in the playoffs, and that’s exactly what we did tonight. I would also like to commend Teemu Lassila for a great match.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
Barys deserved a victory tonight. Too many unnecessary penalties in the first period and, consequently, two goals. It was very difficult to get back in the game and score even once since Barys played very well in the neutral zone, not allowing us to get freely into their own zone.

Question to Belousov: Who do you blame the most tonight – forwards or defensemen?

Belousov: I wouldn’t say I blame anybody, but certainly I have some questions to ask those who got penalties tonight, especially Chistov. I don’t remember him ever get a ten-minute penalty.

Question to Belousov: How do you like Nichushkin’s debut tonight?

Belousov: He had a lot of desire in this matchup. I think we should include young players like Nichushkin to the main roster, especially now when we have several players on the injured list.

Question to Belousov: A bit belated question, but still: are you satisfied with the condition of players returning from the national teams?
No, I am not. They came back tired right before the away series, played two decent matches, but can’t restore their condition now.

Question to Belousov: When to expect Shalunov to appear on the main roster?
He’s a bit ill now. He will play someday, no doubt; for now Nichushkin is in his place.