Traktor vs. Spartak 4:0. Press-conference after the match

Fedor Kanareykin, Spartak’s head coach:
We had a decent first period, but after the break Traktor started to take initiative, we often could not keep up with the fast pace, hence so many penalties. Traktor looked better and deserved a victory tonight, no doubt.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:

Good game tonight, I would like to especially point out three power play goals. My players were disciplined; Vlad Fokin had a great game as well. I would like to congratulate everybody with a firm victory.

Question to Belousov: How would you react to the fact that only one of Traktor’s players was called to represent the national team?
I personally asked to give my boys a rest because we have to get ourselves together, both physically and mentally. Anton has never been in the national team though; it should be a great experience for an up-and-coming player like himself.

Question to Belousov: Is it true that Traktor has signed Andrey Mukhachev?
Yes, it’s true; he is going to play after the break.