Andrey Mukhachev: I did not hesitate to accept Traktor’s offer

Andrey, how did you get the offer from Traktor and when have you arrived in Chelyabinsk?
I arrived here yesterday night and already had a first training session with my new team. As for the offer, last week my agent called me and said that there was a proposition from Traktor. I did not hesitate at all and signed the deal that expires at the end of the season.

If we look at your stats, it’s not like you are inclined towards attacking…

I have not played a lot in last three seasons; that is why my stats do not look impressive. But in general yes, I don’t like to attack that much.

You are a two-time KHL champion. What’s the reason behind the success of a team like Ak Bars?

First of all, I think it is the team spirit and everyone’s desire to win. From what I’ve seen in Traktor already, everything here shows that Traktor can reach the pinnacle of the league.

you surprised by Traktor last season?
No, I wasn’t. Traktor is headed by Valery Belousov, and that speaks volumes.

you talked to him already?
Yes, I have. He said everything was in my own hands.

Have you known some of your teammates before?

Some of them, so there aren’t any problems with the adaptation process.

How do you like the living conditions?

I live in a hotel for now, but soon we are going to find an apartment for me.