Andrey Mezin: I’m always ready to be a part of my national team

Andrey, how is it going in general?
It’s OK for now, thank you.

Are you having a short vacation as KHL is on break now?
Yes, I am. I actually had been called to the national team Belarus, but the injury thwarted my plans.

How serious is your injury?

Well, I hurt my back; doctors said it was not that serious, but I don’t want to push it even further, so I’m having a rest for now.

Are you ready to help team Belarus if need be?

Of course! Anytime I’m needed, I’m ready to help.

Has your family arrived here with you?

No, they stayed in Minsk. Chelyabinsk is far away, so they are not ready to move in just yet.

Have you visited them in Minsk?

Yes, during the first season break.

What are the prospects for Traktor in this season?

I believe Traktor is one of the top contenders for the Cup given how deep our current roster is.

you satisfied with your role in the team?
I don’t know. All I can say is I am absolutely satisfied with the amount of playing time I get. As for my usefulness for the team, I think you’d better ask my teammates or coaches.