Traktor routs Belye Medvedi in an exhibition match

First period
As expected, Traktor dominated throughout the first period and created five or six solid goal-scoring chances, but Fokin was not ready to allow any goals from his current teammates just yet. However, at times even he could not save Medvedi, like when Karpov hit the post after firing a one-timer from the blue line. Traktor’s opponents did not look timid either and created a couple of chances, but the returning Garnett showed everyone he was in great shape. Later on Panov was bound to score in a one-on-one, but Fokin again showed great skill and turned the shot aside. Vladislav then made some more amazing saves and added a second neutralized one-on-one to his money box.

Second period

Traktor finally broke the goal silence in the second period, having managed to score three times. Not even a minute into the period Chistov assisted Jan Bulis to open the score. Medvedi retaliated with a two-on-one that did not end with a goal. Traktor soon doubled the lead when Belov charged a blue-line shot that found the net. Young guns (Medvedi, that is) shortly had one-man and two-man advantages but could not capitalize. Traktor gave a proper punishment for that with a third goal scored by Kostitsyn. Ryabykin and Yakutsenya had goal-scoring chances towards the end of the period, but Fokin was sharp on both exchanges.

Third period

Traktor solidified the lead in the third period; all Medvedi could do was score a consolation goal. Traktor’s goals came at the hands of Aleksandr Shinin, Yevgeny Kuznetsov and Yegor Dugin; Medvedi responded with Aleksandr Sharov’s goal-scoring effort. 6:1, Traktor earns a decisive victory.

and details

vs. Belye Medvedi – 6:1 (0:0, 3:0, 3:1)

: Bulis (Yakutsenya, Chistov), 21 (1:0); Belov (Kontiola), 28 (2:0 – PP); Kostitsyn (Kontiola), 32 (3:0);Shinin (Antipov), 45 (4:0); Sharov, 47 (4:1); Kuznetsov (Popov, Antipov), 51 (5:1); Dugin (Klimontov), 52 (6:1).


QuintRyabykin (A), ChistovBulisYakutsenya,
BelovMukhachev, Panov (A) – KontiolaKostitsyn,
ShininKatichev, Antipov (C) – PopovKuznetsov,
Klimontov Razin, GlinkinDuginKarpov.

Belye Medvedi
Fokin (Demchenko);
PetrovZabavin, KordyukovVaninFilippov (C),
IsaevPetrikov, YerofeyevVoynovZakarlyukin,
RodionovZhuldikov, TridchikovSharovIvanov.

December 16, 2012. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Attendance – 1000.