Нашли ошибку?

Traktor’s players have visited TPP-3

The whole event lasted for an hour and a half and had an informal press-conference-like format with everyone having a possibility to ask players any questions. Players talked about magic of the jersey numbers, hockey superstitions and ideal vacations. At the end of the event players have received the gifts and have chosen three favorite questions the authors of which also received gifts and souvenirs.
After the press-conference Fokin, Dugin and Karpov took a ‘tour’ around TPP’s power unit. They learned everything they wanted to, congratulated TPP’s personnel on the upcoming power engineer’s day and found out that the proverbial red button that could leave the whole city without power actually did not exist.


Проход на арену возможен исключительно при наличии QR-кода для вакцинированных или переболевших коронавирусом за последние шесть календарных месяцев, а также при предъявлении удостоверения личности (паспорт/водительские права).

Согласно решению Роспотребнадзора РФ,принятому на заседании регионального оперативного штаба по противодействию распространения короновирусной инфекции.