Red Stars with a victory over U-20 Team Russia

No one of three Traktor’s players was able to put his name on the scoreboard this time.

U-20 Team Russia’s head coach Mikhail Varnakov left Vasilevsky brothers, Vladimir Tkachev and Valery Nichushkin on the bench. Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, ‘major’ Team Russia’s head coach was present at this matchup.

Red Stars picked up the early two-goal lead at the hands of Kuznetsov and Baykeyev, but Kucherov and Sigarev tied the match before the break. Towards the end of the period Yevgeny Mozer got hit in the face with the puck and could not continue.

U-20 team looked fresher in the second, and this quickly transformed into the two-goal lead; first Kirill Dyakov’s slapshot from the blue line found its mark, and then Grigorenko outplayed Stars’ goalie with an elegant move. Red Stars pulled one back before the break to stay in the game thanks to Berdnikov’s goal-scoring effort.

The aforementioned Berdnikov tied the match shortly after the intermission. It was a back-and-forth game before the final buzzer, but both goaltenders kept the score at four apiece which led into penalty shootouts where Red Stars prevailed to put the game away.

Stats and details

U-20 Team Russia vs Red Stars - 4:5 SO (2:2, 2:1, 0:1, 0:0, 0:1)
Kuznetsov (Fayzullin), 5 (0:1 – PP); Baykeyev (Fayzullin), 7 (0:2); Kucherov (Dyblenko), 8 (1:2 – PP); Sigarev (Yakupov), 9 (2:2); Dyakov (Kucherov), 22 (3:2); Grigorenko (Kucherov), 24 (4:2); Berdnikov (Mishchenko), 29 (4:3); Berdnikov (Krivchenko), 42 (4:4); Baykeyev, 65 (4:5 – game-winning penalty shot).

U-20 Team Russia:
Nesterov– Yarullin, Sigarev – Khokhlachev – Yakupov;
Dyblenko – Dyakov, Slepyshev – Grigorenko – Kucherov;
Koledov – Mironov, Zlobin – Yakimov – Zharkov;
Sergeyev – Tryamkin, Mozer – Kapustin – Kosov;
Shalunov, Zadorov.

Red Stars:
Pikmulin – Vydrov, Lomako – Vikhryaev – Makarov;
Anisimov – Donets, Krivchenko – Berdnikov – Mishchenko;
Milyukov – Glazunov, Fayzullin – Kuznetsov – Baykeyev;
Andreychenko –Borodkin(Bogdanov), Lipsbergs – Valerko (Tambiyev) – Ulitis

Photo courtesy of Ice Hockey Federation of Russia