Traktor defeated in Nizhny Novgorod

First period
Traktor had a considerable advantage throughout the period, even though it was not reflected in the stats, namely the amount of shots (16:11). To get ahead of ourselves, Traktor managed to capitalize on this advantage. At the top of the period Traktor had two power plays but could not quite generate any scoring chances except for Antipov missing the empty net. Soon enough Traktor got another power play which swiftly turned into five-on-three for the home team. Torpedo fail to build upon this opportunity though; in the meantime, Traktor rebounded nicely and was able to score what they call a locker room goal; 21 seconds before the buzzer Maksim Karpov took a shot, and the puck found a nook between Koval’s pads.

Second period
Kostitsyn could make it a 2:0 game right off the bat; Koval neutralized the threat. The very next shift Torpedo tied it up; in a sharp counterattack Aleksandr Semin converted Varnakov’s pass into a goal. The trials and tribulations for Traktor did not end at that as the visitors once again had to fight through two-man advantage, which Traktor did not pull off successfully this time; Petr Schastlivy was the one celebrating a goal when the puck took a deflection from Katichev’s stick and hit the top corner. Several minutes later Traktor had a two-on-one, but Torpedo’s defenseman thwarted Chistov from taking a shot at the very last second. Both teams then exchanged goal-scoring opportunities, but the respective goaltenders kept the score intact.

Third period
Traktor had four power plays during the period, but none of them led to anything substantial. In the interest of fairness, referees gave Torpedo two power play opportunities. Garnett stoically averted all dangers and gave his team a glimpse of hope in this match. Unfortunately, it was not to be; despite all the efforts, Traktor remained goalless in the third while Torpedo tallied an empty-netter to cap off the win.

Stats and details

Torpedo (Nizhny Novgorod) vs. Traktor (Chelyabinsk) – 3:1 (0:1, 2:0, 1:0)

Karpov, 20 (0:1); Semin (Allison, Varnakov), 22 (1:1); Schastlivy (Varnakov, Semin), 26 (2:1 – PP); Varnakov (Allsion), 60 (3:1 – empty net).

(Nizhny Novgorod)
TyulyapkinHietanen, SmolanekMakarovThörnberg,
VolchenkovBykov, Varnakov (C) – AllisonSemin,
VasilievYevseyenkov, ZainullinGorbunovUgarov,

Garnett (0:00 – 59:17, 59:45 – 59:51, 59:57 – 60:00);
ShininBelov, KostitsynBulisYakutsenya,
Ryabykin (A) – Quint, ChistovKuznetsovKarpov,
RazinKatichev, Panov (A) – DuginAntipov (C),
KlimontovMukhachev, GlinkinPopov.

Penalty Minutes: 
14 (6+0+8) - 12 (4+4+4).
Shots: 38 (16+13+9) - 26 (11+7+8).
Faceoffs Won: 48(19+13+16) - 33 (8+14+11).
Power Play Goals: 1-0.
Time on Ice: Hietanen (23:01), Allison (20:49), Varnakov (20:34) - Ryabykin (24:27), Quint (24:14), Kuznetsov (23:07).
Referees: Yakov Deyev (Moscow), Vladimir Nalivayko (Minsk, Belarus).
Linesmen: Aleksandr Zakharenkov, Roman Menshikh (both – Moscow).

December 23, 2012. Nagorny Sports Palace, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Attendance – 5000.

Photo courtesy of Torpedo’s Press Office