Traktor vs. Metallurg Novokuznetsk 3:1. Press-conference after the match

Anatoly Yemelin, Metallurg’s head coach:
I would like to congratulate Traktor on a victory. Power play was the decisive aspect in tonight’s game. We played a terrible match, even though it was evenly fought contest goal chances-wise; however, the individual skills of Traktor’s players were higher.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
Just a couple of words. We needed to win tonight, and we did.

Question to Belousov: How serious is Petri Kontiola’s injury?
Belousov: He has some problems with his lateral ligament, so it’s hard say how long it will take Kontiola to recover.

Question to Belousov: What happened to Chistov?
Belousov: He has a food poisoning.

Question to Belousov: How would you rate Osnovin’s debut?
Belousov: He played a decent match and followed the game plan well.

Question to Belousov: Why has Andrey Mukhachev left the team so soon?
Belousov: He asked for his release as he said he was not ready.

Question to Belousov: Why do you think Traktor had so many penalties tonight?
Belousov: My boys wanted to win so badly, that’s probably the reason why we had so many penalties.