Traktor beats Metallurg Novokuznetsk

Traktor’s coaching staff had to resort to several changes in the line-up due to Chistov’s food poisoning and Kontiola’s injury that kept both of them out of the game. The line-up was balanced out by Vasilchenko who completely recovered from his injury, and Vyacheslav Osnovin who made his KHL debut in this match.

First period
Starting minutes of the contest saw both goalkeepers successfully turn several shots aside. Then Traktor’s first line converted their efforts into a goal – Quint slapped from the blue line, and Karpov added the puck into the net, in the process scoring his 7th season goal. Kuznetsov could increase lead momentarily, but his one-on-one exchange was brilliantly stopped by Metallurg’s goaltender, Aleksandr Lazushin. Metallurg was quick to respond; Mitryakov passed the puck from behind the net to the crease where Yury Nazarov managed to tie the game. However, Traktor still went to the locker room with a one-goal lead; Belov’s shot was deflected into the net by Maksim Yakutsenya who tallied a second game’s power play goal for Traktor.

Second period
Traktor began the period shorthanded and almost paid for it when Megalinsky hit the bar. Having just had a collective sigh of relief, Traktor was left with a one-man disadvantage again. This time the home team showcased their brilliant ability of penalty killing and was later rewarded in kind; Yakutsenya disguised his shot perfectly, and Lazushin failed to discern it. 3:1 as a result, and Metallurg’s coaching staff had to switch the goalies to shake things up a little. Shortly thereafter Traktor continued the period’s trend with two more penalties, but visitors once again did not capitalize. Traktor, on the other hand, could extend the lead, but both Osnovin and Popov wasted their goal-scoring opportunities.

Third period
Traktor did not even think about breaking the habit in the third period (six penalty minutes against Metallurg’s two). Traktor’s trouble began right off the bat with a two-man deficit; comfortable two-goal margin was in jeopardy, but it was Michael Garnett’s amazing pad save that kept the score intact. Some time later Yevgeny Kuznetsov rushed to get one-on-one, but Metallurg’s defensemen thwarted him from taking a shot in the most opportune of times. Metallurg gave it their all to save the game, and could very well take the first step when Bumagin seemingly had Garnett outdone, but Michael somehow made a save. Vladimir Antipov could spare the jitters and make it a 4:1 game, but miraculously missed the empty corner. For better or worse, Traktor came off victorious and now meets Amur on December 28.

and details

(Chelyabinsk) vs. Metallurg (Novokuznetsk) – 3:1 (2:1, 1:0, 0:0)

Karpov (Quint, Kuznetsov), 7 (1:0 – PP); Nazarov (Mitryakov), 10 (1:1); Yakutsenya (Belov, Shinin), 20 (2:1- PP); Yakutsenya (Bulis), 28 (3:1).

BelovVasilchenko, YakutsenyaBulisKostitsyn,
QuintRyabykin (A), KuznetsovPopov Karpov,
ShininKatichev, Panov (A) – DuginAntipov (C),
Klimontov Razin, GlinkinOsnovin.

Lazushin (Klyuchnikov 27:53 - 60:00);
MetlyukMegalinsky, Kagarlitsky (A) – RobitailleBumagin,
GrishinRomanov, IslamovMereskin (C) – Lazarev,
ArzamastsevSopel (A), Vyglazov ChernykhZhafyarov,
Yezhov Skutar, MitryakovTurukinNazarov.

Penalty Minutes: 
16 (2+8+6) - 10 (6+2+2).
Shots: 21 (9+8+4) - 21 (6+5+10).
Faceoffs Won: 33 (13+11+9) - 34 (9+14+11).
Time on Ice: Kuznetsov (29:06), Belov (20:16), Bulis (19:03)- Kagarlitsky (25:02), Metlyuk (23:39), Robitaille (21:58).
Power Play Goals: 2-0.

Referees: Konstantin Olenin (Moscow), Jury Rönn (Finland).
Linesmen: Konstantin Gordenko, Viktor Tomilov (both – Ufa).
December 26, 2012. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Attendance – 6500.