Traktor vs. Amur 3:1. Press-conference after the match

Aleksandr Blinov, Amur’s head coach:
I believe the game was evenly matched for 40 minutes. Both teams had their share of scoring chances. Of course the individual skills of Traktor's forwards came into the play in the third period; they capitalized on all the opportunities they had.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
I agree that the game was even for two periods. Amur built a heavy defense which was difficult to go through. I had to switch to three lines in the third period. Good thing we managed to score first when the score was tied because it was clear that one goal would decide the winner of the match.

Question to Belousov: Why did you leave Chistov on the bench at some point? Were you not satisfied with his performance?
Belousov: Chistov still suffers the effects of food poisoning, so he could not play the whole match.