Andrey Kostitsyn: Datsyuk can pull off pretty much anything

Lockout is close to being over. Any thoughts?
My deal expires at the end of 2012/2013 season. I am happy though for those guys who will be able to play an NHL season, even if an incomplete one. As for me, I’m staying in Traktor until the end of the season, and then we will see how this one is going to play out.

How did Traktor’s players react to this news from abroad?
All of Traktor’s players are from KHL, so they didn’t have a particular reaction.

You said you were glad for those who would go back to NHL. Do you think every one of NHL comers wants to be back to the States?
I can’t tell for everyone, but all of those who I know want to go back to North America.

Lockout may weaken some of the teams like Magnitka and others. What about Traktor?
Some of the teams will definitely lose some of their leaders, others will not be this affected, including Traktor.

Have you been impressed with Datsyuk’s penalty shot?
I have seen him in NHL and seen his tricks and dekes. He’s got great hands; he can pull off virtually any trick there is to pull off.

Traktor didn’t have an auspicious start of 2013, scoring one point in two matches. What’s the reason? Injuries
, short roster or something else?
We have to get together and talk this through; we play lousy in the defense in last matches and do not capitalize on our opportunities.

Nikolay Lemtyugov has recently returned to Traktor. What’s your reaction to this? He
s no stranger to Chelyabinsk after all.
Well, he may have begun his career in Chelyabinsk, but I met him in CSKA. I think he will help us a great deal; he just has to adjust to the team.

Traktor is unsuccessful in overtimes this season; no wins in OTs and a bunch of losses in shootouts as well. Did you have any worries against CSKA when you had to decide the match in the overtime?
We were unsuccessful in other components of the game tonight too; for instance, we had a lead twice and did not hang onto it.

-Star Game is around the corner. Are you feeling the hype of the event in Chelyabinsk?
Well, there are signs and banners, but I myself am not that interested, and no one asked me about the tickets or anything.