Traktor extends the cold streak with an overtime loss against Slovan

First period
Traktor played shorthanded for the better part of the period and as a result was trailing heading into the first intermission. Katichev and Vasilchenko had their penalties in the first half of the period, but thanks to Michael Garnett’s confident play Traktor was able to keep it together, but not for long as Kostitsyn got a match penalty, and Slovan capitalized on the opportunity; Michal Miklik
 pulled the home team ahead

Second period
Both opponents gained a lot of steam after the break. First Andrei Kudrna doubled Slovan’s lead, but Traktor showed great resiliency and tied the match within a three-minute span; Valery Nichushkin finally scored his first KHL goal to pull one back, and three minutes later Traktor’s captain Vladimir Antipov completed Traktor’s comeback. However, it was short-lived as Slovan was back in the lead momentarily thanks to Sigalet’s scoring effort.

Third period
Throughout the period Traktor was trying to tie it up and finally made it; 24 seconds before the horn Konstantin Panov tied the match at three apiece when Garnett was on the bench and Traktor played six-on-five.

It was former Traktor’s forward Roman Kukumberg who gave the home team the victory. Traktor is still winless in 2013; Chelyabinsk team will get a chance to break the fall tomorrow against Lev.

Stats and details

Slovan vs. Traktor – 4:3 OT (1:0, 2:2, 0:1, 1:0)

Miklik (Kukumberg, Visnovsky), 12 (1:0 – PP); Kudrna (Visnovsky, Kukumberg), 26 (2:0); Nichushkin (Belov, Chistov), 31 (2:1 – PP); Antipov (Panov, Dugin), 34 (2:2); Sigalet (Bakos, Janus), 35 (3:2); Panov (Kuznetsov), 60 (3:3 – PP); Kukumberg, 63 (4:3).

Slovan (Bratislava)
Visnovsky– Sigalet, Miklik -Bliznak - Bakos 
Sersen – M
ihalik, Bartivic– Lipiansky – Hudasek
Datelinka – Tabacek
, Kukumberg – Kytnar– Kudrna,
Dane – Olvecky
– Mikus.

Traktor (Chelyabinsk)
Garnett (0:00 – 59:15, 59:36 – 62:43);
Ryabykin (A) – Quint, Chistov – Kuznetsov – Lemtyugov,
Belov – Razin, Kostitsyn – Bulis – Yakutsenya,
Shinin – Katichev, Panov (A) – Dugin – Antipov (C),
Vasilchenko – Nesterov, Nichushkin – Popov – Karpov.

Penalty Minutes: 6 (0+4+2+0) - 31 (31+0+0+0).
Shots: 33(13+11+7+2) - 30 (5+13+11+1).
Faceoffs Won: 35 (15+11+9+0) - 26 (5+11+8+2).
Power Play Goals: 1-2.
Time on Ice:
 Visnovsky (34:41), Sigalet (27:55), Sersen (24:15) - Kuznetsov (26:43), Ryabykin (24:08), Quint (22:58).

Referees: Aleksey Vasiliyev (Saint-Petersburg), Eduard Odins (Riga, Latvia).
Linesmen: Petr Aleshin, Yury Ivanov (both – Saint-Petersburg).

January 9, 2013. Ondrej Nepela Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia. Attendance – 10055.

Photo courtesy of Slovan’s Press Office