Deron Quint: it’s great to play where I feel myself at home

Deron, what are your impressions from the first day?
Only the positive ones. Everyone’s having so much fun. I am also glad to play for the fans of the city that I feel is my home. It is a great honor for me.

Tell us more about the contests you participated in.
I could not win the fastest shot contest, but I think I did well; besides that, everyone knew who the eventual winner would be (laughs). As for the accuracy contest in pairs, Kuzya and I performed pretty well; we’ve been practicing it for a while, plus the lower part of the star that was blocking the net got pretty banged up towards the end of the contest.

Why was Kuznetsov passing the puck to you so fast?
We agreed on it beforehand; we wanted to make our performance more interesting. I hope that fans were excited to see it.

What are you expecting from day two?
Tomorrow is going to be fun; I can’t wait to appear in the Match itself. Hopefully Garny will get himself together and make a lot of saves. The only thing I’m worried about is Datsyuk coming out for a penalty shot; I’m really worried about Michael in this case (laughs).

Can you compare this All-Star Game to the previous one in Riga?
I can’t quite compare the two because I wasn’t in Riga last year, but one thing I can tell for sure is that Chelyabinsk fans are the rowdiest in KHL. Everything here is great – the fans in attendance, the arena etc. It’s a big honor for the city of Chelyabinsk, and it deserves to host the All-Star Game.