All-Star Game. Michael Garnett: my parents were excited about everything they saw in Chelyabinsk

- I was happy to be the part of this spectacle. Everyone had tons of fun tonight and yesterday. I hope we also made the fans happy because this All-Star Game was for them.

Could you dance like Barulin?

No, I’m too shy for that. Barulin, he has got some moves though! (laughs)

Tell us a couple of words about the game.
Everyone wanted to have fun tonight. The game had a lot of great combinations and goals. I liked Lehter
ӓ’s goal the most; very innovative move that he pulled off.

parents are now here in Chelyabinsk. Do they like it here?
Yes, they are excited about everything they saw here. I haven’t talked with them about them, but I think they liked it and the city as well. They were in Riga last year, but I did not have much time to spend with them. This time we were a lot together.

Once again you got to play against Pavel Datsyuk tonight.
Pavel is one of the best players in the world today; he’s got magic hands! I am very glad I got a chance to play against him. Goaltenders all over the world must be having nightmares with Datsyuk scoring to them. Anyhow, he’s great to watch; he’s simply genius!