Traktor vs. Neftekhimik 5:4. Press-conference after the match

Vladimir Golubovich, Neftekhimik’s head coach:
Congratulations on a victory for the home team. We began the match on a negative note; Traktor also outplayed us in the second period. As for the third one, we performed fine, but it was difficult to tie the match. Of course hockey fans loved the game, but coaches did not; too many mistakes on both sides.

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
I agree with Vladimir that it was a very fun game for the fans to watch. However, as a coach, tonight I saw a lot of mistakes, especially in what concerns the discipline on the ice. We were seemingly in control during two periods, but look how difficult this win turned out to be. Nonetheless, my players fought until the end and kept the victory for us, and I commend them for this.

Question to Belousov: When did you last fine any of your players?
Belousov: It happens every day.

Question to Belousov: How large are the fines?
Belousov: Not that large; enough to buy a cake or something like this. In our locker room we have a bulletin where all fines are listed.

Question to Belousov: Are you going to fine somebody after this game?
Belousov: You know, you can be fined for an unnecessary penalty, but if it’s someone like Ryabykin who was defending his goalie, fining him makes no sense.

Question to Belousov: Do you think Katichev’s penalty was worth 5+20?
Belousov: I think it was, because Yevgeny was not right up to his opponent, but two or three steps away, and this qualifies as a penalty.