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Over 100 minutes of penalty and third victory in a row for Traktor

First period
Traktor began the match on a positive note, just like two days earlier against Salavat. Not even a minute into the game Antipov or Kontiola could open the score, but that did not happen. Traktor was having a power play during this time and finally managed to capitalize on the opportunity; Petri Kontiola who is now on a major roll right now found the goal with a great wrist shot. Later on the opponents exchanged jabs; Traktor’s Anton Glinkin and Neftekhimik’s Yegor Milovzorov both missed the goal. The logic of the game did not suggest that Neftekhimik would tie the game, but it happened nonetheless; Koukal was the most nimble on Traktor’s crease and found the net. Traktor’s trouble continued as Katichev got ejected with 5+20 penalty, and Neftekhimik converted their 5-minute power play into 2:1; Pyotr Khokhryakov made the best out of his one-on-one. The last noteworthy episode of the period happened when Vlad Fokin made a tremendous glove save to prevent the puck from going in the top corner.

Second period
Realizing that something had to be done, Traktor began to dominate the period from the get-go. Kontiola and Panov had a two-on-one chance, but
Sokolov made a save. The tying goal came three minutes later when Glinkin scored his 4thseason goal. Neftekhimik was not intent on giving in and organized a massive onslaught on Traktor’s net; this was when Fokin saved the home team on two separate occasions. Traktor stood their ground and was rewarded for this with two quick goals scored within the span of a minute by Bulis and Kontiola. Sokolov was substituted by Dalton, and that was it for the period.

Third period
Alfred Hitchcock would be envious of the plot that the teams came up with in the third period. Right off the starting face-off Kuznetsov could make it a 5:2 a game, but sent the puck wide of the goal. Neftekhimik did not flinch and quickly got themselves back in the game with the help of Vitaly Shulakov’s slapshot – 4:3. Traktor was playing too close to their net, and visitors were using it to their advantage. One way or the other, Traktor withstood the pressure and reciprocated with a carbon copy of U-20 bronze medal goal scored by Valery Nichushkin; this goal was the first for Nichushkin scored on the home ice. Visitors were seemingly done, but na-ah – Tomas Netik reestablished the shaky one-goal margin. 1.48 before the buzzer Traktor was left shorthanded; Valery Belousov had to resort to a timeout. Neftekhimik pulled the goalie; shortly thereafter Quint was sent to the sin bin for high sticking, and Traktor had to face a three-man disadvantage for half a minute. The clock was stopped at 12 seconds when the barroom brawl broke out on the ice. Kontiola and Cibak smashed each other’s faces for a bit; Panov and Ryabykin were sent in the locker room. As a result, a total of 126 penalty minutes in this match and a hard-fought victory for Traktor which also happens to be their third in a row.

and details

.Neftekhimik – 5:4 (1:2, 3:0, 1:2)

Kontiola (Yakutsenya, Panov), 3 (1:0 – PP); Koukal (Netik), 9 (1:1); Khokhryakov (Berezin), 15 (1:2 – PP);Glinkin (Quint), 24 (2:2); Bulis (Chistov, Ryabykin), 31 (3:2 – PP); Kontiola (Belov, Panov), 31 (4:2); Shulakov (Cibak, Milovzorov), 44 (4:3); Nichushkin (Quint), 55 (5:3); Netik (Koukal, Nurtdinov), 56 (5:4).

QuintRyabykin (A), ChistovBulis Kuznetsov,
BelovVasilchenko, Panov (A) – KontiolaYakutsenya,
RazinKatichev, Kostitsyn PopovAntipov (C),
Nesterov Shinin, GlinkinKarpovNichushkin.

Neftekhimik (Nizhnekamsk)
Sokolov (Dalton 30:51 – 58:15);
SeluyanovMamashev, OsalaKoukalNetik,
N. BelovShulakov, MilovzorovCibakPestushko,
GrotPlekhanov, NurtdinovZiazovSubbotin,
Berezin Lukyanchikov, Y. AlshevskyKhokhryakovS. Alshevsky.

Penalty Minutes86 (25+4+57) - 40 (6+4+30).
Shots22 (12+7+3) - 35 (8+12+15).
Faceoffs Won32 (8+12+12) - 32 (6+10+16).
Time on IceRyabykin (21:55), Quint (20:51), Antipov (18:37) - Mamashev (19:28), Netik (19:20), N. Belov (18:15).
Power Play Goals2-1.

RefereesDenis Bondar (Magnitogorsk), Roman Shchenev (Togliatti).
LinesmenKonstantin Gordenko, Viktor Tomilov (bothUfa).

January 21, 2013. Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Attendance – 7000.