Aleksandr Shinin: third period was tough

Every time we have an interview, you score in the very next game!
Great! Let’s make it a tradition!

How did you manage to score tonight?
I got the puck on the left wing and wanted to pass it at center, but no one was there, so I decided to fire at goal instead and luckily the puck found its way into the net.

Was it difficult to face such a strong team without Dmitry Ryabykin?
Yes, Dmitry is a leading defenseman; today we had to regroup and play in incomplete four pairs, but it’s fine – Ryabykin is going to return in the next match.

Traktor had to play a lot of time shorthanded in the third period…
True; and playing four-on-five and three-on-five takes away a lot of energy, but we withstood the pressure and got the victory!