Jan Bulis: we wanted to get even with Magnitka after 0:3

When was the last time you scored twice in one match?
It was back in the beginning of the season against Dynamo Moscow. Now, we have to win in the remaining regular season matches; everyone’s healthy and ready to play.

Was tonight’s game a rehearsal of playoffs?
In a way, yes. Of course it was easier to face Magnitka without their leaders like Malkin, but still it was a tough game, plus we wanted to get even for 0:3 in Magnitogorsk.

How did you get your scoring chances tonight?
First goal was due to Chistov’s brilliant pass; the second one that I scored was into the open net.

Did you think about trying to make a hat-trick?
Of course! I could not get it done, but that’s nothing; team’s victory is what matters the most.

Were you worried about the result in the third period when Traktor was given penalty after penalty?
Sure; but we stood our ground and won!