SKA vs. Traktor 5:1. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
We had a decent showing in the first two periods, playing a disciplined hockey. I asked my players to continue doing the same thing in the third, but SKA managed to pull off a couple of counterattacks and put the game away.

Jukka Jalonen, SKA’s head coach:
Great result for us tonight. 5:1 against a strong team like Traktor is a great accomplishment. However, I don’t think the four-goal difference reflects the game; the match was largely equal. Traktor controlled the game in the first period; we were better in the second and were able to convert our chances in the third period.

Question to Belousov: Why does Chistov have such a bad +\- index?
Belousov: We play shorthanded a lot, that’s all. However, I don’t think Chistov’s -7 index is such a bad thing; we just have to get less penalties and score more.

Question to Jalonen: How did you like Kucheryavenko’s line tonight?
Jalonen: They had some problems in the second period, but then they regrouped and played decent hockey in the third period. It’s important that they play consistent hockey because with the playoffs around the corner we need every line to be as effective and useful as possible.

Question to Jalonen: Are there going to be any acquisitions for SKA in the nearest future?
Jalonen: Well, we have several days before the transfer window closes. All I can tell is that I don’t know a lot about new players. Let’s wait and see; maybe team’s management will come up with something.

Question to Jalonen: Does this mean you don’t discuss transfer policy with SKA’s management?
Jalonen: Of course I do, but here’s the thing – right now there aren’t many names that can make our team stronger. All in all, if we can’t sign anybody, we will work with the current roster.

Question to Jalonen: How would you rate Kasutin’s debut tonight?
Jalonen: He was very calm and played a great game. Allowing only one goal in a tough match like tonight’s is a great result. We have two great goalies now, and that is a nice thing to know.