Dinamo Minsk vs. Traktor 2:5. Press-conference after the match

Valery Belousov, Traktor’s head coach:
We were completely outplayed in the first period, so we made some necessary corrections to put the game away; I would also like to point out the team’s discipline in the third period.

Aleksandr Andrievsky, Dinamo’s head coach:
The second goal that we allowed did us in tonight. It was the fourth consecutive game that we played every other day. We were in decent physical shape in the first period, but the second goal broke our morale, and all the strength seemingly vanished into thin air. One more thing that I would like to address – towards the end of the game I heard a chorus of boos directed at my players; so I ask the fans not do this, but instead to show their support because now we need it as ever.

Question to Belousov: It seemed as though you signed Mezin specifically for this match against Dinamo…
Belousov: No, of course it’s not true. Mezin is an experienced veteran and can help us any time. Besides, Fokin is injured, so Mezin is a great replacement.

Question to Belousov: Your comments on Andrey Kostitsyn’s performance?
Belousov: He is a strong player, he loves power hockey; consequently, he gets a lot penalties. I always tell him to stick to his style, but it seems he can’t completely adjust himself to KHL style. He’s already had a two-game suspension, so I was afraid that something like this could happen and preferred keeping him on the bench tonight.

Question to Belousov: He hasn’t scored in a very long time. What’s the reason behind this?
Belousov: Yes, he scored 9 goals in first 13 matches, and only three in the last 25 matches. What happened? I don’t know; maybe he was so prolific goal-wise when Kontiola and Yakutsenya were his partners; then he got injured and from this time on he had to play with other forwards.

Question to Andrievsky: Is your decision to make the second line a Belorussian one connected with the upcoming 2014 Olympics qualifying tournament?
Andrievsky: No, I don’t think so. Boys performed well during power plays; of course they did not score, but that’s another story – we could not create anything substantial on the offensive end for two periods anyway. And by the way, I would not label the lines as first, second and so on; some of the players just get a little bit more time on the ice, that’s all.

Question to Andrievsky: What were you telling your players during the timeout?
Andrievsky: I wanted my players to execute a specific combination for five-on-three, but unfortunately they could not do it. By the way, this was also one of the key moments of the game; had we scored a third goal, the result could have been different.

Question to Andrievsky: How would you describe Dinamo’s current situation concerning the playoffs?
Andrievsky: Our fate is in our own hands. We are still seventh in Western conference leaderboard and have three more games to play. That is exactly what I told my players in the locker room. We decide our fate, and that’s a good thing.

Question to Andrievsky: Do you think Dinamo will benefit the upcoming 2014 Olympics qualifying tournament?
Andrievsky: It’s hard to say; on the one hand, we don’t need to lose the game rhythm; on the other hand, we have to have some rest too. In the end, I think this break will still be useful for my team.

Question to Andrievsky: Are you going to be at the tournament with your national team?
Andrievsky: Yes, I am.

Question to Andrievsky: Given the result of tonight's match, do you think that leaving Mezin out of the national team was a hasty decision?
Andrievsky: You have to ask the head coach about it, not me.